Factory Price Corrugated Plastic Bins For Warehouse Pick Bin Factory Price Corrugated Plastic Bins For Warehouse Pick Bin

Material: Non-toxic eco-friendly polypropylene Size: 620x390x420mm, 508x381x308mm, 400x400x400mm, or Customized Color: Yellow, blue, black, or customized Usage: Warehouse, supermarket, etc Sample: Free Feature: Durable, foldable, stacking, printable, recyclable, cost-effective MOQ: 500PCS

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Product Description

Corrugated plastic bins for warehouse are picking bins made of PP hollow boards, which are widely used in warehouses and shelves. Corrugated plastic pick bins are also called correx pick bins, correx picking bins, storage picking bins, correx euro stacking pick bins, picking boxes for warehouse, etc. Due to its waterproof and moisture-proof properties, it has replaced the popular stackable cardboard pick bins on the market.


Product Name:Correx/Coroplast/Corflute Picking Bins For WarehouseColor:

Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Or Customized

Thickness:3 Mm-8MmDensity:400GSM-1200GSM
Size:CustomizableSurface:Glossy, Flat
Material:Eco-friendly PP(Polypropylene)Application:Supermarket, Warehouse, Etc
Feature:Eco-Friendly, Heavy Duty, Foldable, Stacking, Recyclable, Cost-effectiveSample:Available, Free

The functions of corrugated plastic bins for warehouse are:

  • Protect products: Corrugated plastic picking bins can protect products from damage during storage and picking, especially for fragile or delicate products.

  • Improve efficiency: PP corrugated stackable picking bins usually come in a variety of colors and specifications, making it easy to quickly identify and locate the required products and improve picking efficiency.

  • Simplified management: Correx picking bins can be stacked neatly on the shelf, taking up little space, and are easy to manage and maintain.

Advantages of corrugated plastic picking boxes:

  • Lightweight and durable: PP corrugated sheets are lightweight and durable, making them easy to handle and store.

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof: Polypropylene material has good waterproof and moisture-proof properties, which can protect the product from moisture and pollution.

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Corrugated plastic bins for warehouse can be recycled to reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

  • Customization: Huiyuan Correx Pick Bin Manufacturer can customize the size, color, and hardness of plastic nestable pick bins according to customer needs to meet specific usage needs.

Cases of Huiyuan corrugated plastic bins for warehouse


Corflute picking bin structure:


(1)Four card slots are ussed to fix stacking bins.

(2)Connecting holes are set at eight corners, integrated holes on the side of each bin allow them to be cable tied to each other for extra stability.

(3)Entrance to fetch goods easily.


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