Wholesale Custom Stackable Corrugated Plastic Picking Totes Wholesale Custom Stackable Corrugated Plastic Picking Totes

As the new material of packaging, corrugated plastic picking totes(also known as correx/corflute/coroplast totes) are Eco-friendly, super light, high strength, and can be recycled more than 60 times. PP corrugated tote sizes are flexible and different colors can be customized according to requirements. Our plastic totes are widely used in all industries. Features of correx totes : 1. Easy to keep clean 2. Flexible design ( such as thickness , sizes, colors, printing, etc ) 3. 100% recyclable ( reusable, can be used 60 times , and the materials can be recycled ) 4. Many options: Ordinary, ESD/anti-static ,conductive , UV-resistant, fire-rated, etc 5. Corflute tote is waterproof , more durable and sabutary than cardboard 6. Returnable - Multiple uses.

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Product Description

Custom corrugated plastic Picking totes:

Corrugated plastic picking totes are storage boxes made of high-quality polypropylene material. They have good compression and impact resistance and can be stacked or nested, effectively improving storage space utilization. Waterproof and moisture-proof properties enable it to maintain better use in humid environments. Corrugated plastic totes can be used with shelves to achieve classified storage of goods and improve warehouse management efficiency. At the same time, PP corrugated picking totes can also be used independently to facilitate temporary storage and transportation of items, adapting to the needs of various scenarios.

Here are details of corrugated plastic totes:


The advantages of corrugated plastic picking totes are as follows:

  • Good pressure resistance and impact resistance.

  • Can be stacked or nested to improve storage space utilization.

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof, suitable for use in humid environments.

  • Can be used with shelves to improve warehouse management efficiency.

  • Can be used independently to adapt to various scene needs.

Application scenarios of corrugated plastic totes:

  1. Auto parts industry: suitable for the storage and transportation of parts, to ensure that the parts are dry, free of static electricity, and safe;

  2. Electronics industry: used for packaging, transportation, and protection of electronic components and electronic products;

  3. Warehousing and logistics: as a turnover transportation tool, improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation costs;

  4. Agricultural product market: used for transportation and packaging of vegetables, fruits, etc. from the origin to the wholesale market;

  5. Food, pharmaceutical, and other industries: used as packaging materials for inner and outer packaging to ensure product hygiene and pollution-free.

We can customize pp corrugated totes according to your needs.


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