Factory Direct Sales Hollow Plastic Building Formwork Factory Direct Sales Hollow Plastic Building Formwork

The construction formwork materials produced by Huiyuan Plastic Company uses imported polypropylene resin as basic material, adding chemical additives toughening, flame resistance, weather resistance and anti-aging, smelt and form new construction material through chemical molecular structure reorganization.

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Product Description

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Hollow PP(Polypropylene) Plastic Formwork
SizeThickness Qty/Pallet  Weight/PCQty/20ft Qty/40ft   
1220mm x 2440mm12mm70pcs23kg560pcs1120pcs
1220mm x 2440mm15mm54pcs25kg432pcs1026pcs
1220mm x 2440mm18mm50pcs28kg400pcs850pcs

Advantages of construction PP plastic formwork

1. Reuse more than 80 times

2. Waterproof, Anti slip,Bearable temperature:-10~90°C.

3. No expansion,no shrinkage,high strength.

4. No need oil,easily install and remove,only tapping, formwork can be fallen off.

5. Rinse with water will be clean.

6. Fire reisistance

7. Recycle, economical and environment-friendly

8. Low -cost

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