Durable Coroplast Rolls, Black Corrugated Plastic Rolls Durable Coroplast Rolls, Black Corrugated Plastic Rolls

Corrugated plastic rolls&sheets are an excellent alternative to hardboard sheets. provide floors, doors, stairs, walls, worktops, and windows with effective protection. We are a professional manufacturer&supplier, we can customize all kinds of pp corrugated rolls&sheets, welcome to contact us for custom packaging solution.

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Product Description


Corrugated plastic roll(also known as corflute/correx/coroplast roll) is made from high quality polypropylene, it’s normally used as waterproofing material on building & construction sites or protection sheet for walls, floors, windows and many other surfaces, the colors, thicknesses and sizes can be made according to customers' specific reuqirements, due to its hollow structure, corrugated plastic roll is quite light, in the meantime, it's very strong. Amaong all kinds of pp corrugated rolls, black coroplast roll/ black corrugated plastic roll is the most popular.

Features of coroplast rolls:

  Water-Proof, unlike many board and paper products, Corrugated Plastic is completely water proof and chemical resistant. Paint    spills, drinks, glue and chemicals are no problem for Corrugated Plastic

  Light Weight, but incredibly strong!

  Won't rust, rot, mildew or corrode like metal or wood.

  Easy, to cut, crease or bend, allowing you to protect any surface

  Can be printed on easily and clearly.

  Tear, puncture and impact-resistant.

  Can be sonic or heat welded.

  Resists a wide range of chemicals, grease and dirt.

  Can be scored, creased, stapled, nailed, stitched, folded & drilled

  Reusable, cost-effective

  Recyclable, no harm to environment

Specifacation of correx rolls:                                                

●  Size:1Mx50M, 1m x 100m, or customized(correx roll 1m x 50m is our standard corrugated plasttic roll)

●  Thickness: 2MM 250GSM/3MM 350gsm/4MM 650GSM, or customized

●  Grade: Common sheets&rolls ( or fire retardant) 

●  Colour: Black ,white, grey, blue, or customized    

●  Application: commonly they are used to protect floors, walls, doors, ceilings, windows, etc.



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