Custom Size 510x330x280 Corrugated Plastic Sweet Corn Box Custom Size 510x330x280 Corrugated Plastic Sweet Corn Box

PP corrugated plastic Corn Box as the new material of packaging, It is Eco-friendly, super light, high strength, can be recycled and used 100 times. coroplast corn box sizes are flexible and Different colors can be produced according to requirements. Widely used in agricultural product packaging. ease of cleaning and disinfection impact resistance, good toughness, corrosion resistance, no combustion, waterproof description ESD-safe & conductive, etc. Polypropylene danpla box feature : 1. Easy to clean 2. Flexible design ( such as thickness, sizes, colors, or GSM ) 3. 100% recyclable ( can be used 100 times, or the materials are recycled ) 4. Ordinary, ESD, or conductive 5. Material is waterproof, more durable and sabutary than cardboard 6. Cleaner than cardboard ( No paper dust ) 7. Reusable / Returnable - Multiple uses.

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Product Description

What is the corrugated plastic corn box?

This yellow corn box is press cut and folded using our corrugated plastic sheets. Its characteristic is that it unfolds as a flat plate, which saves transportation costs. The color can be changed to white, red, blue or other colors you like according to your needs. This box will be printed with LOGO and patterns according to the customer's requirements later. The size of the Corrugated plastic sweet corn box is 510mmx330mmx280mm, and 4mm corrugated plastic sheets are used, which are more convenient to fold and have enough hardness to carry fresh corn.


  1. Lightweight, rigid, strong, durable, waterproof, moisture-proof.

  2. Chemical resistance, anti-impact, fade, anti-folding, anti-aging, and high-strength properties.

  3. Easy to fabricate, custom, size, and non-toxic.

  4. Odorless, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, gorgeous in appearance, and rich in color.

  5. Environmental friendly, recyclable, washable. Excellent for paints and inks easily.

Fruit and vegetable boxes are accepted by more and more farmers and fruit wholesalers. They are waterproof and moisture-proof, can be recycled many times, are particularly convenient to fold, and are beneficial to storage and logistics. The boxes can be printed with customer LOGO or customized in various sizes.




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