Custom Anti-static Corrugated Plastic Boxes Uk, Offer Sample Custom Anti-static Corrugated Plastic Boxes Uk, Offer Sample

Anti-static/ESD Corrugated Plastic Boxes Uk is a kind of coroplast box(also known as correx/corrugated plastic box), which adds an anti-static function on the basis of corrugated plastic boxes. The surface resistivity is different. The ESD pp corrugated box is 10^6-10^9Ω; the conductive box is generally 10^3-105Ω! Anti-static boxes and conductive boxes are often used in electronics and high-tech enterprises.

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Product Description

Anti-static corrugated plastic boxes uk is one of the main products of Huiyuan corrugated plastic manufacturer. The corrugated plastic containers are waterproof and moisture-proof, and more importantly, they have an anti-static function, which can effectively prevent static electricity from damaging electronic products and ensure product safety. Its collapsible design allows for space-saving storage when not in use. Therefore, anti-static PP corrugated bins are widely used in the electronics industry and are ideal for the packaging and transportation of electronic products.

Corrugated plastic boxes are also known as PP flute boxes, correx boxes, corflute boxes, cartonplast boxes, coroplast boxes, etc.


1. Optional: antistatic

2. Anti-static index :10^6-10^11Ω.

3. Screen printing & customized options available

4. Sonic welded / Heatsealing / Double nail bindi (Durability)

5. 100% recyclable / Non toxic / Good toughness / High strength

The anti-static pp corrugated box has an anti-static effect by adding an anti-static masterbatch. The main material is pp raw material. The anti-static coroplast can avoid unnecessary losses caused by static electricity. Such as an explosion or fire caused by anti-static, or the degradation or invalidity of electronic equipment due to the release of anti-static.

Specification of esd corrugated plastic tray

1. Material : PP ( polypropylene) + Antistatic masterbatch

2. Size: Customized according to requirements ( Flexible )

3. Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, or customized  

4. Printing: accept

5. Sample: 1-2pcs Free

Corrugated plastic ESD storage boxes features:

  • Lightweight but tough performance.

  • Can stand in harsh weather conditions or strong chemicals.

  • Commonly used to make most commercial signs as well as plastic containers and reusable packaging. Its strength and maturity for easy grooming make it ideal for the packaging of automotive (automobile), agricultural products, and even electronic parts.

  • Easy to customize, can be designed into folded, bordered, nested, and other designs.

  • Affordable, recyclable, and long service life.

Application of ESD Corrugated Box: 

1. Electronic Industry

2. Mechanical Industry

3. Electrical Appliances

4. Automobile Industry

5. Packaging Boxes And Storage

6. Hardware Industry



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