Best Micro-perforated PP corrugated sheets Best Micro-perforated PP corrugated sheets

Plastic pp corfltue correx sheet Auxiliary materials can be added to make anti-static pp hollow boards, fire-resistant coropalst boards, widely used in various industrial fields, such as electronics industry, aviation, automotive parts, etc., such as packaging boxes, grids, sheets, etc. 1. Waterproof , 100% Recyclable , Strong and durable 2. Hygienic , Non toxic , Recycled , Good Toughness 3. 2-12mm Thickness Available 4. White , Blue , Black , Grey , Green , Yellow , Red etc Colorful 5. Customized According To The Needs Of Customers ( Different Needs, Different Choices )

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Product Description




  • micro perforation

  • ventilation under your roof

  • acoustic insulation

  • thermal insulation

The double-sided and numerous micro-perforations (25/m²),  guarantees quick and efficient disposal of condensation.

Guarantees better ventilation under your roof through the efficient disposal of moisture and vapor. Because the microscopic small perforations guarantee good water permeability.

Swiftly onto your roof

  • can be cut easily on the roof instead of at ground level.

  • irregular forms can be covered seamlessly (e.g. dormer).

  • can be simply nailed or stapled.

  • 1 person can manipulate and install the sheets.

  • installing takes up to 40% less time than conventional materials

  • is available in sheets or rolls in order to minimize waste.


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