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What is corflute?

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Overview of Corflute sheets: Learn about their materials, properties, and applications

What is corflute? Corflute sheets, also known as plastic corrugated sheets, corplast boards, polyflute sheets, correx boards, danpla sheets, PP hollow boards, etc., are environmentally friendly plastic boards produced by polymer polypropylene materials, additives, and other formulas. Corflute boards are widely used in various industries, providing consumers with environmentally friendly, economical, and beautiful packaging solutions.

Learn about the raw materials of corrugated plastic sheets:

PP corrugated sheets are mainly made of polypropylene PP/polyethylene PE and other plastic base materials. Accessories can be added according to different needs, such as reinforcing agents, anti-aging agents, anti-static particles, flame-retardant particles, and pigment particles. Through Processed by special technology. Coroplast sheets have a stable structure, strong load-bearing capacity, and superior impact resistance, making them an ideal green alternative.


The advantages of Coroplast sheets mainly include:

  1. Waterproof and moisture-proof: PP hollow sheets have excellent waterproof and moisture-proof properties, can be used in humid environments for a long time, and are not prone to moisture and deformation.

  2. Anti-static: The anti-static properties of Correx sheets can effectively reduce the harm caused by static electricity, thereby protecting the safety of electronic products.

  3. Flame retardant: Polyflute sheets have good flame retardant properties and can keep them from burning in unexpected situations such as fires, reducing the risk of fire.

  4. Lightweight and durable: Corrugated plastic boards are lightweight and easy to carry and transport. They also have high compression and impact resistance and long service life.

  5. Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Corflute sheets are made of environmentally friendly materials and can be recycled and reused, which not only saves resources but also reduces environmental pollution.


Applications of corrugated plastic sheets

  1. Auto parts industry: PP hollow boards can be used as packaging and storage materials for auto parts to protect parts from damage.

  2. Electronics industry: Coroplast panels can be used for packaging and storage of electronic products to prevent static electricity from causing damage to electronic components.

  3. Turnover boxes: Plastic corrugated boards can be used to make foldable corrugated plastic boxes, which facilitates enterprises to efficiently manage goods during transportation and warehousing.

  4. Billboard materials: Coroplast signs can be used to make outdoor billboards and other promotional supplies. They are waterproof and moisture-proof, making billboards last longer.

  5. Construction sites: Used for temporary enclosures, protective fences, correx floor protection, and other facilities at construction sites to improve the safety of construction sites.


Comparison of PP corrugated plastic sheet with other packaging panels:

  1. Compare cardboard materials: Compared with cardboard materials, PP corrugated sheets have better waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, and other properties, and have a long service life.

  2. Compared with wooden boards: Coroplast boards are light in weight, easy to handle and transport, and can reduce packaging and transportation costs.

  3. Compared with foam boards: Corflute boards are easy to recycle, help environmental protection, and are not easy to break.

  4. Compared with metal sheets: Correx boards are low-cost and reusable, greatly reducing the company's operating costs.

It can be seen that corrugated plastic sheets have obvious advantages compared with other packaging sheets, are suitable for various industries and occasions, and have broad market prospects.

To sum up, coroplast sheets, as a new generation of packaging materials, have the advantages of extremely high-cost performance, green environmental protection, easy recycling, and customization, and are increasingly favored by various industries and consumers. At the same time, when purchasing corrugated plastic boards, consumers should choose appropriate products based on actual needs, product characteristics, and market conditions to achieve the best economic benefits.

That’s all about what is corflute, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you need to purchase corflute sheets or customized corrugated plastic products, please contact us to get a quote!

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