What is corflute used for?

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What is corflute used for? Cheap corrugated plastic sheets are widely used in packaging, storage, transportation, and other fields. Because of its waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, and flame-retardant properties, it is mainly used in the auto parts industry. In addition, the corrugated twinwall plastic sheet can also be made into fruit packaging boxes, wardrobe boxes, reusable plastic shipping boxes, correx packaging boxes, guinea pig cage bases, stackable picking bins, etc. Its main selling point is that it is foldable, waterproof, and moisture-proof, and is favored by all walks of life.

Corflute is also known as coroplast, correx, danpla, corrugated plastic, infraboard, impraboard, etc.


What is corflute used for? It mainly includes but is not limited to the following aspects:

  • Agricultural industry: Corflute can be used for packaging and transportation of agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables to keep products fresh and safe.

  • Logistics industry: Coroplast can be used for goods pads, partitions, etc., providing the function of protecting and organizing goods.

  • Electronics industry: The correx board can be used for packaging and transportation of electronic products to protect products from damage.

  • Auto parts industry: Plastic corrugated sheets can be used for packaging and transportation of auto parts, providing protection and fixation.

  • Packaging industry: Corrugated plastic sheets can be used as packaging boxes, containers, backing boards, etc., to provide the function of protecting products, and have the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, and flame-retardant.

  • Other




Advantages of corflute sheets

  • Made of high-quality polypropylene material, light and durable

  • Good waterproof and moisture-proof effect

  • Strong plasticity, can be customized into various packaging products

  • With anti-static, flame retardant, anti-UV, and other characteristics

  • Wide range of applications

  • Cost-effective

  • Rich color, smooth surface

  • Easy to print, not easy to fade



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What is corflute used for is introduced here.

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