What is antistatic correx sheet(esd correx sheet)?

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Antistatic correx sheet (also can be called esd correx sheet, esd coroplast sheet) is a kind of pp hollow board, made of polypropylene material. Compared with ordinary correx sheet, it has added anti-static function, and its surface resistivity is different.

The surface resistance of the anti-static board is 10^6-10^9 Ω, which has good antistatic performance. 
The surface resistance of the conductive hollow plate is 10^3-10 ^6 Ω.

Next, we will focus on introducing the "antistatic correx sheets". Nowadays, many fields in the world will choose anti-static correx sheets to serve themselves. For example, many auto parts manufacturers will choose the packaging box made of esd correx sheet to store and transport their products. Because auto parts are manufactured precisely and have complex structures, they are easily damaged by static electricity during transportation and storage. Once the performance of the parts is affected, the gain is not worth the loss.


The coroplast box with super anti-static function can prevent static electricity from damaging the internal goods to the greatest extent, and will protect our products through its own particularity.

In practical applications, esd correx sheet products have been unanimously recognized by customers. Not only are they powerful, they can also be recycled and reused, effectively saving unnecessary expenses and making outstanding contributions to environmental protection.

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