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The packaging box is made of correx plastic material is called correx box(also known as coroplast box, corflute box, plastic cardboard box, correx bin). It is very popular. It can not only effectively prevent the influence of external pressure on the box, but also ensure the performance of the goods to the greatest extent. Correx packaging box is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. It performs very well in terms of damage, pressure resistance, vibration resistance, UV resistance, anti-aging, heat preservation, sound insulation, etc. Moreover, the correx bin can also be customized into a box with special functions, such as moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, and conductive , etc.

No matter which function is taken out alone, it can be comparable to ordinary packaging boxes on the market, so high-quality correx plastic packaging boxes are essential for storage and transportation of goods in modern society.

Main types of correx boxres:

1. Correx fruits&vegetable packaging box
2. Correx picking bins for warehouse
3. Correx bins for auto parts

4. Stackable corrugated plastic totes

5. Foldable corrugated plastic bins

Correx bins can be used alone or together with plastic dividers.  The divider is usually made of correx sheets and placed at the bottom or around the packaging box for isolation, heat preservation, pressure resistance, and buffering, it can extend the service life of the products in the box to the greatest extent.

Correx box with dividers are generally customized according to the size and thickness of the packaging product and the needs of customers. When designing correx divider bin, technicians will focus on its thickness density and product specifications. As we know, the different densities. So the ductility and cushioning capacity of the pp corrugated boxes is different, so when we buy the correx box with dividers, we must choose several real manufacturers to compare, so that we can buy the easy-to-use and cost-effective correx divider boxes.

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If you need correx boxes or correx divider boxes, welcome to contact me at any time! We can customize it for you and also can arrange a free sample!

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