Why choose corrugated plastic sheets as layer pads?

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1. Introduction of Fluted PP Corrugated Plastic layer pads

Corrugated plastic layer pads(also known as corrugated plastic tier sheets, correx layer pads, correx tier sheets, coroplast tier sheets) are made from 100% virgin high quality polypropylene sheet with 4 sides being sealed by banding machine which prevents contamination from settling within the cells along the edges and also makes cleaning simple and effective which avoid contamination risks.


Empty bottles and cans arrive at filling plants in unitized loads, on pallets, arranged in tiers, divided by corrugated plastic tier sheets. As a component they are replacing carton layer pads, thanks to their waterproof and moisture-proof properties. For many leading companies, plastic reusable packaging has effectively protected product and reduced costs throughout the supply chain, which is critical to today’s food and beverage companies.

2. Advantages of correx plastic layer pads

•Available in appropriate thicknesses

Correx tier sheets are hygienic and washable

Carton layer pads are a potential source of contamination because of fibers and other particulates. They are in direct contact with the openings of the containers and friction can cause particulates to transfer into the containers. Besides,paper is hygroscopic, making water-deposited contamination another problem while plastic sheets doesn't give off fibers and as for surface contaminants, can be washed with high-temperature solutions.

• Strong, light, thin and outstanding weatherability and dimensionally stable in extreme temperatures

When cardboard layer pads gain moisture (which can happen simply due to humidity levels), they undergo dimensional changes and reductions in strength. Both conditions affect the stability of the unitized loads, including their ability to be stacked one-on-the-other.

• Coroplast layer pads are durable and recyclable

The durability of plastic tier sheets makes reusing them the more practical choice; in fact, the life of the pads is measurable in years, with a decade not being out of the question.

• Corrugated pp tier sheets are flat, even and the surface is non slip.

• Food Contactable and Environmentally friendly – PP Layer Pad is made from virgin high quality polypropylene sheet from a renewable resource and 100% recyclable

• Chemical resistance

Coroplast tier sheets are safe to use with radius corners, easy to be packed in pallets

• Cost effective and easy to stock

3. Why choose corrugated plastic layer pads from us?

(1) High quality pallet layer pads

After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, we have established a mature product quality system. Each process of each board is strictly controlled. All our products have got SGS and ISO9001 certification, so you can rest assured of our product quality.

(2) We Offer Affordable Price

  • Rich raw materials

China has the world's richest plastic materials, so our plastic products have unique advantages in the international market.

  •  Low labor cost

China's population ranks first in the world, with one-third of them engage in industrial production. That is to say, we have a relatively lower labor cost than other corrugated plastic sheet manufacturers.

Therefore, we can offer you a very competitive price.

(3) Excellent Service

Our sales staff have been systematically trained, and our team has more than ten years of experience in foreign trade.

If you need corrugated plastic layer pads/tier sheets or other corrugated plastic products, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can fill the form below, or send an email to us, we will get back to you ASAP!

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