What are the advantages of plastic corrugated layer pads?

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1.The cause of using pallet layer pads

We find that there are many kinds of glass bottles in life. As packaging materials, glass bottles are mainly used for food, oil, wine, beverages, condiments, cosmetics and liquid chemical products, etc., and they have a wide range of uses. The main features of glass bottles are: non-toxic and tasteless; transparent, beautiful, good barrier properties, airtight, rich in raw materials, low-priced glass bottles, and can be used multiple times. Glass bottles also have disadvantages, such as weak impact resistance and fragility. You must be extra careful during the transportation and storage of these glass bottles. In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the glass bottles, many manufacturers will add an extra layer of pads to ensure the quality of the bottles.

Today we will introduce you about the plastic corrugated layer pads in glass bottles.

2.The details of plastic corrugated layer pads for pallets 
The corrugated plastic layer pad is made of polypropylene corrugated sheet, which is non-toxic and tasteless, light and durable, and is a highly environmentally friendly board. This plastic material has the characteristics of strong moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, breathable, low-temperature resistance, anti-solar ultraviolet rays, easy folding, mildew resistance, etc., and has a good lifespan and use effect. It is very popular to use corrugated pp sheets to process layer pads. These packaging partitions can ensure the quality of glass bottles to a large extent and prevent them from shaking side-to-side during transportation. Accordingly, the losses incurred during transportation are avoided to the greatest extent.


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The above content tells everyone about the plastic corrugated layer pads, but not all the pallet layer pads produced by the manufacturers are qualified, and some three-no products flow into the market, which seriously damages the interests of customers. If you need to buy plastic corrugated layer pads, you might as well understand the relevant knowledge first, then go to the formal market, take a look, and cooperate with those manufacturers with production technology, so that you can buy high-quality hollow boards. Pack the partitions. This is the end of the article, I hope you can use this content as a reference!

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