What is function of antistatic corrugated plastic sheets?

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The antistatic corrugated plastic sheets(also known as ESD corrugated plastic sheets/correx sheets/coroplast sheets/  ESD PP Hollow Boards ) can prevent static electricity from damaging the product, which is known to many people, but most people generally do not understand the meaning of anti-static. In fact, static electricity is a very common natural phenomenon. In our daily life, we have encountered static electricity more or less, especially in autumn and winter when the weather is dry. It does not have much impact to our daily life, but it have a fatal impact on items such as electronic components.


Static electricity can cause sudden interference of electronic equipment, resulting in electromagnetic interference, which can instantly break down integrated circuits and precise electronic components, or accelerate the aging of electronic components, reduce the qualified rate of products, and even instantly cause explosions and large fires in inflammable and explosive places.


Therefore, the anti-static corrugated plastic sheet is improved and designed on the basis of the ordinay correx board, so that the produced correx board has a continuous and stable anti-static effect. The anti-static index reaches 10^6-10^9, which can release the static charge accumulated in the object. There is no accumulation of electric charge and high potential difference.



Anti-static hollow board also has many characteristics of ordinary hollow board, such as waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-aging, anti-bending, huge bearing capacity, not easy to be torn, and high temperature resistance. It can also be made into various turnover boxes or knife card boxes. Our anti-static pp hollow board is made of polypropylene plastic and anti-static particles mixed extrusion, not only has stable anti-static performance, and anti-static performance is permanent.

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