What do you know about Coroplast material thickness?

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Coroplast material is also called coroplast plastic, correx plastic, corrugated plastic products. This material is a kind of multifunctional board made of polypropylene. It has the characteristics of lightweight and stable molecular structure. It can be used to the greatest extent to ensure the integrity and functionality of the board.


Coroplast material has a wide range of applications, including express delivery, logistics, hardware, clothing, food, home furnishing and other industries. The main parameters of coroplast plastic include size, color, thickness, weight, and whether special functions are required. Regarding the thickness of the coroplast sheet, What else do we need to know?


When coroplast manufacturers produce coroplast plastic products, they will be made into different thicknesses, densities and areas according to the usage and customer needs. Under normal circumstances, the thicker the thickness of the coroplast board, the higher the compression resistance and wear resistance, and the longer the use effect, but the thinner hollow board also has its advantages, it has strong ductility and plasticity.


The thickness of the coroplast board produced by our company is in the range of 2mm-12mm. Different thicknesses of sheets will have different weights. We can customize the thickness and weight of the board according to customer needs. If the customer does not know the weight, We will recommend a suitable weight according to the customer's purpose. 

The corresponding thickness and weight of our products are as follows:

Product name

Coroplast plastic/Coroplast material










Weight (g/sqm)










When we buy hollow boards, we must not only look at the thickness of the board. We must understand the various values of the coroplast material from many aspects to see if it is suitable for our own use.

Through the above content, we understand that the difference between the thickness of the hollow plate is its use effect. In addition, the thickness of the plate will also affect its service life and field of use. The specific choice depends on your actual needs.


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