Coroplast boxes used in auto parts industry

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It takes a certain distance and time for auto parts from the factory to arrive at various distribution locations across the country. During this period, it is necessary to use anti-static packaging boxes to protect the safety and performance of auto parts.

In practical applications, most auto parts products are made of metal, which are easily affected by static electricity during storage and transportation. Once the device is damaged by electrostatic discharge, it will have a huge impact on the interests of auto parts manufacturers and users. In order to improve electronic products With a high yield rate, coroplast boxes with super anti-static function have become the best choice for packaging auto parts.


The auto parts packaging box made of coroplast sheet has many styles and comprehensive functions. It has all the functions of ordinary packaging boxes. On the basis of it, it has more Oil resistance, anti-vibration, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, sound insulation and other properties. In the process of using the box, it can not only effectively ensure the integrity of the auto parts products, but also avoid the external environment from causing damage to the box to the greatest extent.

The coroplast packaging box for auto parts can not only store and transport various types of auto parts products, but it can also be used as a packaging box for other items.


During production, the manufacturer can print various colors, patterns and text introductions on the surface of the box, which better improves the grade of the coroplast box.

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