Outstanding Features Of Corrugated Plastic Floor Protection Sheet

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What if you are looking for floor protection boards, but you want to protect them from oil pollution and deal with bad weather well?


Huiyuan will introduce to you one of our best-selling corrugated plastic floor protection boards. After understanding the outstanding features of the corrugated plastic floor protection sheet, I believe you will cooperate with us.


Corrugated plastic sheets, newly innovated polymer-made materials with very lightweight and improved water and chemical resistance. They are sometimes referred to as floor protection boards. They may also be referred to as polypropylene fluted sheets. This is because they are made of polypropylene material.


Below are some of the important features and reasons you should go for the corrugated plastic floor protection sheet.



It sure won’t be encouraging if after the purchase of the corrugated plastic floor protection sheets, you start to battle with weight.


It is extremely light in weight and this important feature allows for ease of carriage to wherever it is needed. This is pictured in the lightweight of polypropylene which is the polymer used in the production. Even though the weight is very light, the corrugated plastic floor protection sheet is very robust!

 corrugated plastic floor protection sheets

2.High Flexibility and Ductility

It is tough and highly ductile which implies that it can be bent repeatedly without being broken. Remember not to fold arbitrarily, which may reduce the service life of the floor protection sheet.


3.Water Resistance

If you are often in a humid environment, you need a waterproof floor protection board that provides ultimate protection.


The corrugated plastic floor protection sheet has a high degree of impermeability to water. Unlike many board and paper products, corrugated plastic floor protection sheet is completely waterproof. This implies that its absorption rate is very minimal and this serves great importance in improving its life span.


4.High Heat Tolerance and Chemical Resistance

Considering the heat tolerance of a material or substance is an essential factor, especially floor coverings.


You probably may ask, “what if I mistakenly pour hot water on the floor? Does it mean my floor covering is destroyed? The simple answer is no.

 corrugated plastic floor protection sheets

The floor protection board has high heat tolerance up to about 80oC and does not get destroyed even on exposure to hot water or warm water. Also, its improved chemical resistance cannot be overemphasized because it is chemically resistible to several acids and alkalis as well as organic solvents. Paint spills, drinks, glue and chemicals are also no problem for corrugated plastic floor protection sheets.


In addition to the above advantages, the corrugated floor protection boards produced by Huiyuan Plastic have different specifications, providing you with more choices, including products with a maximum thickness of 12mm. Similarly, according to your recommendations and requirements, we also have different colors for customization.


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