Corrugated Plastic Boxes Vs. Cardboard Boxes

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Corrugated Plastic Boxes Vs. Cardboard Boxes

Unlike cardboard boxes, corrugated plastic boxes are purely customized boxes that are very common and popular.


Although corrugated plastic boxes are more expensive than cardboard boxes, they are more cost-effective than cardboard boxes. It has the advantages of high hardness, good toughness, lightweight, waterproof, moisture-proof, recyclable, etc.


There are some needs that cardboard boxes cannot meet especially in shipment and storing capacities. Some products that cardboard boxes cannot contain or be used to move products from one place to another which can render those products unsafe or damaged.


The cardboard box also is in real sense cannot be improvised for liquid waste bins, wet products which can reduce the grade of the cardboard box. Additionally, these products after use or exposed will not be easy to clean which reduces their quality and life span.

 corrugated plastic boxes

However, in making the best choice, corrugated plastics are highly recommended and better compared to the cardboard box.


Corrugated pp boxes are best used in waste collection, transporting eatable substances and as cover boxes, household application, medical application and several other uses.


The manufacture of corrugated plastic boxes are in defined processes that must be observed in order to meet detailed specifications and quality performance as well as delivery.


These plastic boxes are produced with concise shapes and sizes and also are of more advantages than that of the cardboard boxes.


The plastic boxes during production should have the capacity to match any production system and factory ratings. As we consider the advantages of this product, we should note the disadvantages also.


To get a replacement for a plastic box is much more expensive compared to the cardboard box.


The corrugated plastic boxes are weightier compared to the cardboard boxes are also heavier than cardboard containers of similar size. These products are constructed from hot processed plastic sheet products called extrusion.


Corrugated Plastic Box Vs. Cardboard Boxes

There is not much difference when it comes to the shapes and sizes of the plastic boxes and the cardboard boxes, they are much similar.

 corrugated plastic boxes

Let’s dig a bit into the differences between corrugated plastic boxes the cardboard box;


I.The Plastic box has this moisturizing behavior and an ability to resist mold.


II.The corrugated plastic boxes are customized in a way to keep them secured and locked, unlike the cardboard boxes that are not locked.


III.Corrugated plastics boxes can be re-used by recycling the product, but the cardboard boxes are not so. Therefore, when making your choice on plastic boxes over cardboard, you should consider the kind of product you want to apply it to.


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