The Main Use Of Corrugated Plastic Sheets

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The corrugated plastic sheet is merited with some attributes such as light weight, adaptable, anti-aging, non-toxic, and also good at compacting. 


Compared with cardboard structure products, corrugated plastic sheet has the advantages of moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. Compared with injection molded products, corrugated plastic sheet has the advantages of shockproof and flexible design structure.


Using corrugated plastic sheet is a good option that is very economical to consider. It makes work so easy and makes things carried in a very simple, clean and neat manner.


For this reason, you need to purchase these from a corrugated plastic sheet manufacturer like Huiyuan. Our one-stop service level and high-quality products have always enjoyed a high reputation in the industry. More and more customers are no longer satisfied with ordering products from us, and choose to become our agents.


The uses of corrugated plastic boards are outlined as follows:
1. Pads or partitions

The corrugated plastic sheet is waterproof and moisture-proof, defiance decay, not easy to fade, leak proof, it could still be reprocessed and frequently utilized. It is more efficient in usage than the cardboard. Therefore, all walks of life use packaging or better dividing methods to avoid wear.
corrugated plastic sheet
2. Coroplast sheet can be made into turnover boxes

Produce pack, drink packs, chunk packs, defoliant packs, internal wrapping of musicals, padding, carriage cache yield packs used to package anodic parts and even partitioning.


3. Industrial packaging boxes with special performance
The barriers in the packaging box need to be anti-static, in order to prevent precision electronic products from damaging the product due to static electricity during transportation or use. 

4. Trash cans  

Garbage pail could be designed out of corrugated plastic sheets which enhances utilization and also makes for good and standard living which is also ambient.


5. Billboard

It can be directly coated or printed on the surface of the hollow board, and it can be cut into various shapes at will, and it can also be made into a display stand at a low price.

corrugated plastic sheet
6. Construction

In building companies, empty ply boards are always substituted as ground or barrier defence to secure bond or building implements against destroying the barrier or floor. The color tone can be made to be more conspicuous and to ensure rapid identification of the construction company.

7. Agriculture

Different shapes could be made out of it. Protect the entire seedling from growing in the protective plate to prevent wind, rain, direct sunlight, and animal eating during this process.

8. Others

It can be used as for back sheets in automobile, boiler, automatic washers, strollers. It can also be used emporium, haulage pack, bundling. It is also used in the signwriting industry for making signs for real estate sales, construction sites and promotions.


Fully understand the application of corrugated plastic sheets, you can make your cargo transportation more convenient. Partner with us today and you will never get disappointed. We are here to answer your requirement on good products. Kindly contact us for a deal.

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