An Overview And Advantages Of Corrugated Plastic Boxes

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In the logistic and packaging industry, corrugated plastic boxes/plastic corrugated totes seem to be the new trend. The conventional cartons, metal and wooden boxes previously used in the packaging of materials have all gradually been replaced by the new corrugated plastic boxes.


Also when considering the characteristic of other ordinary plastic boxes such as having a single color, low weight and fixed specification, it can be said that they are in no way a match to the new and modern corrugated plastic boxes.


With the emergence of the new corrugated plastic boxes, some shortcomings such as lack of diversification in the design and build of logistic turnover containers and boxes have now been conquered.

Major Classification of the new Corrugated Plastic Boxes

The new corrugated plastic boxes are broadly grouped into;

1. The general corrugated plastic boxes that do not have a skeleton

2. Corrugated plastic boxes with a skeleton, which are commonly used in packaging items such as vegetables and fruit. They are also used as gift boxes, and carton folding boxes.


In most cases, the skeleton boxes come in three styles thus;

a. Reinforced skeleton boxes

b. Folding skeleton boxes

c. Non-foldable skeleton boxes


Area of Corrugated Plastic Boxes Application

They are usually used for;

1. The transportation and recycling of some consumer products to long distances

2. Also used when there is inadequate space in the customer’s storage warehouse.

Based on performance, corrugated plastic boxes can be classified as follows;

Depending on the need of each industry, corrugated plastic boxes can be designed into anti-static, ordinary, flame-retardant and conductive turnover boxes.


In most cases, the anti-static sheets can have a controlled surface resistivity ranging between 106-1011. On the other hand, the static conductive sheet is usually produced to have a surface resistivity of about 103-105.

Corrugated Plastic Boxes
Major Advantages and Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Totes

1. They are usually designed with PP materials that are environmentally friendly, and this makes them very suitable for humid and rainy weather. They also have waterproof, dust-proof and moisture-proof characteristics.

2. They can easily be customized to various specifications in terms of size. Also, aluminum alloy can be used as edging material and the inner compartment can be designed in combination with EVA, EPE, PE bags, flannel and others. This also makes it easy to be made into the three skeleton form, which makes their storage very easy and economical.

3. In most cases, the turnover time of these corrugated plastic totes is over 100 times compared to cartons with a turnover time of 3.

4. They have very lightweight, and they can be easily cleaned anytime.

5. To reduce transport and storage costs, the hollow board folding box can be folded into a volume that is ¾ smaller than its actual size.

6. An outstanding advantage of the folding box made from the hollow board is that they are resistant to cold, high temperature, impact, and even deformation.

7. There is a wide avenue for customization to meet customers’ needs. They can be made into conductive, anti-flame retardant, anti-static, and even anti-UV.

8. There is also a wide range of colors in which the corrugated plastic boxes can be designed. They can come in white, gray, black, pink, dark green, red and any other type of color you may wish.

9. The corrugated plastic boxes can also be printed or laminated upon, and this makes them perfect to showcase your logo, brand name and even makes your packaging a bit classy.


Methods of fixing Corrugated Plastic Boxes:

They can be fixed in three ways thus;

1. Rivet fixing

2. Flat wire fixing

3. Ultrasonic fixing

Each of these fixing methods can be adopted based on customers’ needs.


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