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Huiyuan Organized a Event

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In the past 12 years, as a well-known corrugated plastic boxes manufacturer, we have consistently provided excellent products and services. Therefore, we have learned a lot about the industry.

The most important thing we have learned over the years is that customers only need the most cost-effective products every time.

In addition, we understand that excellent product and service delivery is one of the most reliable ways to stably occupy the international market.

On the premise that the company can provide each customer with high-quality products and excellent services, our employees not only need professional product knowledge and rich experience, but also need appropriate relaxation. Because we know that there can be no efficient work without relaxation. So our company organized a "free captive animal" Event.

Huiyuan Organized a

December 29, 2020, we have held an ecological lake tour of the "Eastern Taihu Lake Eco-Tourism Resort" , and held a "free captive animal" ceremony with our employees. This is a significant event for us.

Huiyuan Organized a

The East Tai Lake Eco-Tourism Resort has endless stretch of beautiful natural scenery and has become a resort that attracts many tourists from all over the world. We are also very happy to visit the East Tai Lake Eco-Tourism Resort because it is very close to us. 

While on the tourist, the atmosphere was really a fun-filled one with lots of exciting, lovely and memorable moments for all members of our staff who went on the tour.

Animals are friends of human beings, and their rights and interests should be safeguarded. "Free captive animals" can grow our compassion, and in the process of releasing lives, compassion can be cultivated to the maximum.  

 Huiyuan Organized a

As a leading corrugated plastic boxes manufacturer in the industry, we have a staunch determination to remain on the top spot, we are sure that meaningful activities like this are well-deserved for our staff.

Similarly, it is also expected that with such time out to such a beautiful and highly scenic natural environment, their motivation and passion to give in their best at work will be stirred.


Finally, with such a high level of commitment and passion for what they do, it will definitely be a breeze for us to continually turn out high-quality corrugated plastic boxes for our teeming customers.


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