Why Huiyuanboard Leaf And Lawn Chutes Are So Popular?

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Have you ever wonder what makes Huiyaunboard lead plus lawn chutes so popular? It is one of the most simple, lightweight, and durable materials you can ever use.


The leaf and lawn chute is a corrugated plastic that is specially designed as a tri-fold sheet with high density. It is a strong 100 percent plastic material that can be folded into a box shape of three sides.


Interestingly, this fantastic bagging system is straightforward to use. It can be carried to different places due to its lightweight. It can fold itself into a funnel shape.

How to Use The Leaf And Lawn Chutes

Looking at the way it is formed with a single sheet of material, it is transported as a whole instead of parts. There is no requirement for assembling parts. It is very easy to use.


To use it, unfold the sheets, and form a box of three sides shape. The next thing is to press the upper portion as indicated on the plastic. This will help you to form the leaf chute.


Finally, slide the formed leaf chute into the bag. You are set to start filling the leaf bag. You can compress the debris to put more material into the leaf bag.


The video below will give you detailed information on how to use it. 

The Features of Huiyuanboard Leaf and Lawn Chute

1. Lightweight

Due to the unique material used to produce this bagging system, it is very light and easy to carry around. Most of them weigh less than 2 lbs, making them easy and convenient to use.

2. Large Debris Capacity

The capacity is large enough to accommodate at least 20% of more debris than other bagging systems. With this, you are sure of using a few bags to fill more debris.

Leaf and Lawn Chute

3. Durable Material

Most people love durable materials. The material used to produce this bag is durable. This is one of the reasons it is becoming more popular recently. You can use it for a longer period before the damage.

4. Easy to Use

It is very easy and simple to use. There is no need for intensive training before one can use it. You can easily get it and start using it without asking anyone to tell you how to use it.

Leaf and Lawn Chute 

Huiyuanboard Factory Overview

Our factory covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. We have six advanced production lines and a full set of auxiliary equipment in 2 shifts every day. The total number of employees in the whole company is more than 150 employees. Employees in various departments are reasonably divided according to the company’s needs. There are more than 100 skilled workers in the workshop. So far, the company's annual output can reach 20,000 tons.


You can watch the video to understand the strength of our factory:


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