The excellent performance of plastic pick bins

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Warehouse management has always been a problem that concerns us in recent years. Due to the high cost of using ordinary boxes and limited space, plastic pick bins come out and are rapidly favored by those people who has warehouses, helping them organize items orderly.


Plastic pick bins are made of eco-friendly corflute sheets, it is ralatively lightweight. At the same time, it can be folded, easy for us to stack. Therefore, it is widely used in various fireds,especially for warehouse management. It is hot-selling products in many countries, such as Australia, America and Canada.

Plastic pick bins are also named pick bins, picking bins, correx picking bins, corflute picking bins, stackable corrugated plastic picking bins and etc.

The advantages are as follows:

1、 lightweight and easy to stack

It is made of high-quality corflute sheets, which are rather light in weight. It can be easily folded. So,it is easy for us to move and operate.

2、 durable

It can be used for quite a long time compared with carton boxes. Once you buy it, the cost will reduce significantly.

3、 waterproof and moisture-proof

It has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof capacity, protect the items inside bins from being affected by moisture

4、 impact-resistant

It can withstand high pressure, even if there is strong impact force, the goods remain very well.

5、 environmentally friendly

It is made of eco-friendly corrugated plastic sheets, which means it will not pollute the environment.

6、 cheap and customizable

Mostly importantly,the price of plastic pick bins is rather cheap compared with ordinary boxes. Besides, size and color and customize production,free sample.

Huiyuansj has been focusing on the coroplast products, we have more than 17 years experience of exporting. The quality of our products are highly guaranteed. If you have interest, welcome to contact us.

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