The advantages of corflute tree guards

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What are corflute tree guards? The corflute tree guards are made of eco-friendly corflute sheets. It is meant to protect the seedings, saplings,and etc from being destoryed by harsh weather factors,such as frost, wind, rain, thus increasing the survival rates of saplings effectively.

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The advantages of corflute tree guards are as follows:

Easy to install:

easy to install, it is relatively lightweight.Having it folded and fixed according to the designed indentation,then it will be ok, which greatly same the time.

Environmentally friendly:

It is made of eco-friendly corflute sheets,and it will not nearly pollute the environment,which is in line with the conception of green development.

Foldable and flexible:

It can also be folded, significantly saving the storage space.

Waterproof and moisture-proof、durable:

Corflute sheets are waterproof and moisture,compared with others, corflute tree guards will not be affected by moisture,thus extending its service life. More importantly, the price is cheap.


Color,size and shape can be customized according to your actual requirements. At the beginning, we will send you free samples to test.If it performs well,you can decide to continue to place larger orders.

Common shapes of corflute tree guards:square、round、triangular、polygonal.

Huiyuansj focuses on various corflute products, if you have interest in our products, welcome to contact us at anytime.

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