The comparisons between PP corrugated boxes and carton boxes

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PP corrugated boxes and carton boxes are two different types of boxes in our daily lives.PP corrugated boxes are widely used in various fields due to its excellent performance.While carton boxes are limited in most industries.

To begin with,pp corrugated box is made of eco-friendly corflute sheets, which is lightweight, waterproof, moisture-proof, durable, impact-resistant, and etc.

Then,I will compare the concrete differences between them so that we can better understand the advantages of pp corrugated boxes.



Choosing which kind of box depends on the concrete need.For instance, If we don’t have special requirements, carton boxes are suitable for us because the price is relatively cheap,greatly helping us to save the cost.

However, if we think more about practicality,then choosing pp corrugated boxes are undoubtedly a wise decision.Carton boxes can only be used for several times, while the pp corrugated box can be recycled for about 50 times.

waterproof and moisture-proof capacity

The pp corrugated box is waterproof and moisture-proof. Therefore,when we encounter rainy days, it can effectively protect products inside the box from being affected by moisture. However, carton boxes will rot when exposed to rainwater.

easy to clean

Considering that it is made of high-quality coroplast sheets,the surface of the pp corrugated box is flat and smooth.Therefore, it is easy to clean while carton boxes are hard to manage.

flexible and customizable

We can customize esd pp boxes,flame retardant boxes, anti-uv boxes,conductive boxes,etc,meeting various requirements.

Huiyuansj focuses on pp corrugated boxes for more than 18 years,if you have interest in our products, welcome to contact us.

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