The advantages of pp layer pads

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What are pp layer pads:

PP layer pads play a vital role in logistics transportation industry, it helps us to seperate goods safely, stack goods efficiently and orderly. PP layer pads, also known as plastic layer pads, pp pallet layer pads and etc. It is made of eco-friendly corrugated plastic sheets. PP layer pads can be treated with sealed edge as well,which is of vital importance to product cleanliness.

Product Name:

PP layer pads


Can be customized


Standard: 1000mmx1200mm 1500mmx3000mm Or Customize   (Width< 2600mm)




2mm-12mm, etc




Corflute sheets


Packaging Industry、transportation industry、store bottles


Lightweight、waterproof 、environmentally friendly、durable、cheap、diversified choices


Available, Free

Advantages are as follows:

waterproof and moisture-proof:

It has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof capacity, therefore,you don’t need to worry about the transportation problem. Even if you choose the sea freight, it will not be affected by seawater at all.


Compared with other ordinary ones, It can be used for quite a long time before it needs to be replaced, which significantly saves the cost for enterprises and individuals.


It is suitable for stacking goods, such as bottles and cans, the transportation is a easy process, and it can protect the goods effectivey.

lightweight and eco-friendly:

It is made of high-quality coroplast sheets, which will nearly pollute the environment,which conforms to the conception of sustainable development. At the same time, it is quite light in weight, and it is easy to handle.

printable and customizable:

Regarding that the surface of corflute sheets is smooth and flat, which enables us to print beautiful patterns on it. Sise,color and shape can customize production, factory price,free samples for you to test.

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PP layer pads are widely used various fields due to its excellent performance,especially for bottles and cans. It sells well in many countries. Source factory can customize production,free samples, wlecome to contact us.

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