The advantages of corflute sheets

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Brief introduction:

What are corflute sheets? It is a kind of sheet made of eco-friendly pp(polypropylene)material.It has many excellent advantages compared with ordinary sheets.Therefore,it is widely used in various fields.For example,it can be made into corflute boxes,pp layer pads,correx picking bins,corflute tree guards and etc.


The concrete advantages are as follows:

High load-bearing and lightweight:

To begin with, it has excellent load-bearing capacity due to its unique structural design. Besides, it is relatively lightweight as well.


It can be used for quite a long time,significanly helping us save the cost.

waterproof and moisture-proof:

It has excellent waterproof and moisture capacity.The surface of the sheets are smooth and flat.And it is easy for us to clean,which means the maintenance cost is rather low.

Environmentally friendly:

It is made of eco-friendly pp materials and can be recycled for many times, and it can greatly reduce the pollution. Using corflute sheets is not only beneficial to the sustainable development of the enterprise, but also contributes to the long-term development of the whole world.

Flexible and customizable:

Besides, our pp sheets can customize production,such as the size,color,thickness and etc, meeting the personalized needs of clients’.Therefore, it is favored by most people and widely used in various fields.


More importantly, it is quite cheap. Source factory can customize production, the quality is 100% guaranteed, the price is cheap. We also give you free samples to test.


Corflute sheets have been widely used in various industries due to its advantages. Source factory can customize, welcome to contact us.

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