How to print on corrugated plastic signs?

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'how to print on corrugated plastic signs' is a question that many advertising agencies and manufacturers consider. Before answering the question, let's understand what corrugated plastic signs are.

Corrugated plastic sign printing is a sign made of corrugated plastic board. PP corrugated board is a board made of plastic materials such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), which has the characteristics of light weight, water resistance, moisture resistance, static resistance, and flame retardancy. The plastic corrugated sign board is often used in commodity packaging, logistics transportation, warehousing signs, road signs, elections, house rental signs, discounted product promotions, and other fields. It can identify and display information by printing, stickers, pasting, etc. Custom corrugated plastic signs, also known as coroplast signs, corflute signs, correx signs, have the advantages of light weight, economical and practical, foldable, and environmental protection, and are widely used in various industries.


How to print on corrugated plastic signs?

Printing on coroplast signs can be achieved in several ways:

  1. Inkjet printing: Use an inkjet printer to spray patterns or text directly on corrugated plastic signs. This method is simple and convenient, suitable for small-batch production.

  2. Thermal transfer printing: use thermal transfer equipment to print patterns or text on the heat transfer film, then place the heat transfer film and coroplast printing together, and transfer the pattern or text to the signage by heat pressing. This method can achieve high-quality pattern printing, which is suitable for high-volume production.

  3. Sticker printing: Paste the pre-printed label stickers on the blank corrugated plastic signs. This method is easy to operate and is suitable for situations with small individual requirements.

  4. Which way to choose depends on your needs, budget, and the equipment you have. You can choose a suitable method to print the corflute sign board according to the specific situation.


How to determine the printable size and size limit of printed coroplast signs?

To determine the suitable size and size limit for correx signs, several factors can be considered:

  1. The purpose of signs: determine the purpose and display requirements of signs, such as signs on product packaging or signs in logistics and transportation.

  2. Signage visibility: Consider signage size and placement to ensure information is clearly visible.

  3. Printing equipment: Select the appropriate size according to the size and printing effect of the existing printing equipment.

  4. Amount of information: Determine the size of corrugated plastic signs according to the amount of information to be displayed. If more information needs to be displayed, you may need to choose a larger size.

  5. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the size limit of corrugated plastic sheets to determine whether the correx sign needs to be cut.

  6. It is recommended that when determining the size and size limit of coroplast signs, the above factors should be considered comprehensively, and a reasonable choice should be made according to actual needs and restrictions.


How to make coroplast signs?

Making corrugated plastic signs can be done in the following steps:

  1. Prepare materials: purchase the required coroplast panels and printing equipment (such as inkjet printer or thermal transfer equipment), label stickers (optional), cutting tools, etc.

  2. Signage design: According to the information and style to be displayed, use design software or online design tools to design the signage.

  3. Make a template: Print or draw the designed signage style on paper according to the appropriate size and proportion, as a template for making the signage.

  4. Choose the production method: According to the needs of the signage and the conditions of the production equipment, choose a suitable production method, such as inkjet printing, heat transfer printing, sticker printing, etc.

  5. Make signs: Make coroplast signs according to the selected production method. For specific operations, please refer to the previous answer on how to print on corrugated plastic signs.

  6. Cutting and processing: Carry out cutting and processing of coroplast printing as required to ensure that the size and shape meet the requirements.

  7. Installation and use: Install the finished corflute sign printing in the desired position, and you can use glue, tape or other fixing methods for installation.

It should be noted that the specific steps and methods of making correx advertising boards may vary due to different production equipment and materials, and can be adjusted and selected according to the actual situation. In addition, in order to ensure good quality corrugated plastic signs, you can refer to relevant production tutorials or consult Huiyuan corrugated plastic suppliers directly.


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