How much is corrugated plastic?

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How much is corrugated plastic? This is a question that many customers are concerned about. Corrugated plastic sheets, also known as coroplast sheets, corflute sheets, pp hollow sheets, polyflute sheets, correx sheets, danplas sheets, are an environmentally friendly and durable material that has gradually become popular in the market in recent years. However, during the purchase and use process, consumers generally have certain confusion about correx boards prices. This article will sort out 5 frequently asked questions about corrugated plastic sheet price for you, hoping to provide you with a reference.


1. There is a big price difference between plastic corrugated sheets with different proportions

Coropalst sheets with different proportions mainly add different proportions of recycled materials during the production process to achieve cost savings. The performance of these PP hollow sheets may be reduced, but in some specific applications, such as temporary installations, non-important structures, etc., they can still meet the usage requirements, so there will be a certain difference in price.


2. How do raw material price fluctuations affect pp corrugated sheet price?

The raw materials of Corflute sheets are mainly polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). The prices of these raw materials will fluctuate with the international market, oil prices, and other factors. If the price of raw materials increases, the production cost of corrugated plastic boards will also increase, thus affecting its price. Therefore, when purchasing corex boards, you should pay close attention to market price changes in order to make the best purchasing decision.


3. What are the factors that determine the pp hollow sheet price?

In addition to raw material price fluctuations, factors that determine pp corrugated sheet price also include production technology, thickness, color, manufacturer, etc. For example, the prices of correx boards made with more complex production processes may be higher; similarly, the production costs of PP corrugated boards of different thicknesses and colors are also different. In addition, differences in technology, equipment, management, etc. between different manufacturers will also affect the final quotation.



4. How much is corrugated plastic per square meter?

The price of PP corrugated sheets varies depending on its production process, raw materials, thickness, and other factors. Usually, merchants will provide corresponding quotations based on specific order requirements. It is recommended to consult several corrugated plastic manufacturers when purchasing, compare prices, quality, and services, and make the most appropriate choice.


5. Why are correx sheets 8x4 cheaper?

Coroplast 4 x 8 sheets refer to PP hollow sheets 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. Boards of this size have a wide range of applications. They can be used in construction, packaging, advertising, and other industries, and are also convenient for cutting, joining, and other processing. Therefore, 4x8 hollow boards have been widely welcomed in the market. Because of the large sales volume, the overall price is relatively cheaper.


In summary, the question of 'how much is corrugated plastic' can be comprehensively considered based on your own needs, market conditions, manufacturers, and other factors. By understanding these questions and answers, we hope to provide you with strong support for purchasing and using corrugated plastic sheets.


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