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How to print on coroplast?

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How to print on coroplast? Personalized customization has become a trend in today's society. More and more companies and individuals hope to display their brand image and personality through customized products. As coroplast signs are widely used as an advertising carrier, how to print them to make the effect better has become the focus of attention. Next, this article will mainly introduce how to print on coroplast for you.

How to print on coroplast to achieve high-definition graphics?

To print clear patterns on coroplast sheets, the following points should be noted:


  1. Choose high-quality PP corrugated sheets: The surface of high-quality corrugated plastic sheets is flat and smooth, which is conducive to the uniform distribution and adhesion of ink.

  2. Use professional printing equipment: Professional printing equipment can ensure the accuracy and stability of the printing process and improve the printing effect.

  3. Use environmentally friendly ink: Environmentally friendly ink is not only harmless to the human body and the environment but also has good adhesion and weather resistance, which is conducive to improving the durability of printed patterns.

  4. Design a suitable printing pattern: The printing pattern should be concise and clear, and the color matching should be reasonable, so as to present a clear and beautiful effect on the coroplast boards.


Print durability and outdoor life of custom corrugated plastic signs

Printing coroplast is made of high-quality polypropylene raw material, which has good weather resistance, aging resistance, and abrasion resistance. In terms of printing, advanced printing technology, and environmentally friendly inks are used to ensure clear printing patterns, bright colors, and not easy to fade. Therefore, the printing durability of coroplast signs is better, and the outdoor service life can reach 3-5 years under normal circumstances. Of course, the specific service life needs to be judged according to the actual use environment and maintenance conditions.


Application fields of printed coroplast signs

PP corrugated sheets have the advantages of lightweight, easy installation, and low cost, and are widely used in the following fields:


  • Commercial advertisements: Triangle corflute signs can be used in advertisements in shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, and other places to attract customers' attention.

  • Exhibition display: In exhibitions, expositions, and other occasions, corrugated plastic signs can be used as display boards, background walls, etc. to display corporate images and product information.

  • Outdoor activities: Coroplast yard signs can be used for publicity and instructions in outdoor sports games, cultural activities, public welfare activities, and other occasions.

  • Temporary fence: In construction sites, road construction, and other places, corflute printing can be used as a temporary fence for safety protection and publicity.

  • Traffic instructions: Correx sign boards can be used to make temporary traffic signs, parking lot signs, etc., to provide clear guiding information.



In a word, coroplast signs bring more possibilities and values to personalized customization with their printing durability, outdoor service life, and wide application fields. Mastering how to print on coroplast will help you make better use of this product and provide strong support for your brand and personality presentation.

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