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Flame Retardant Correx

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In the big family of correx boards, "flame retardant correx sheet" is a very popular one. We all know that correx board is a new type of environmentally friendly board. The surface is smooth and easy to color, and flexibility is also very strong. Any product can be made into moisture-proof, shock-proof, waterproof and durable functions, but in fact, high-quality correx sheet also has another function, that is, flame retardant. Flame retardant, as the name implies, is to block the combustion of the flame, so the use of flame retardant correx board can not only prolong the service life of the board, but also ensure the safety of personnel and property to a greater extent.

Some friends may not know so much about flame retardant hollow boards.In fact, this kind of board is added with flame retardant in a certain process, and its appearance and other functions are the same as ordinary hollow board. If we need to buy this kind of hollow board material, we can communicate with the seller in advance to ensure that the produced Hollow panels are fireproof.

In the above content, we have told you about the principle and advantages of PP hollow board, so in which fields can it be used? In fact, there are many fields in which flame retardant correx boards can be used, such as house decoration ceilings, partitions, turnover boxes used in logistics and transportation, and the back panels of infants and children's strollers can all use flame retardant hollow boards. Its appearance makes our life more convenient and beautiful, and it is a new product of scientific and technological development.

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