What should be paid attention to when using corrugated polypropylene box?

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Compared with traditional cartons, wooden boxes and other packaging boxes, the corrugated polypropylene box(also knownn as  corrugated polypropylene bin/container, coroplast box, correx box, etc)  has a longer service life and turnover times, but any product has a certain service life, and the corrugated polypropylene bin  is also a consumable product. You should still pay attention to daily maintenance during the use. If the maintenance is good, the corrugated polypropylene box will be used for 3-5 years. The following are some precautions:

1. Pay more attention to the process of storing goods, especially hard goods should not be placed vigorously or thrown at high altitude, which will easily penetrate the bottom of the corrugated polypropylene bin and cause the box to be broken or cracked!

2. The main raw material of the coroplast box is corrugated plastic sheet. This material cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, otherwise the pp hollow board will fade and the aging process will be accelerated, which will easily shorten the service life of the correx turnover box!

3. The corrugated polypropylene box has a certain bearing capacity. Try not to overload it during the process of stacking goods, so as not to cause the box body to break during moving or transportation. If correx plastic box with a larger bearing capacity is required, the thickness of the pp hollow board can be strengthened during the product customization process, and the appropriate board box can be customized according to the needs!

4. The corrugated polypropylene container should pay attention to the uniform force when stocking the goods, and the items should not be concentrated or placed on one side under pressure, otherwise it will easily cause the hollow board box to deform or tear at the seams, thereby damaging the correx box


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