Fire protection principle of fire rated correx sheets

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The flame retardant properties of fire rated correx sheets are mainly achieved by adding a kind of masterbatch called flame retardant. The related information of flame retardant is as follows:


1. Flame retardant is an additive added for the purpose of improving the flame retardancy of materials. 

Flame retardants can inhibit the production of one or several combustion elements during combustion to achieve the purpose of preventing or slowing down combustion.

2. Application of flame retardant:

It is widely used in flame retardant synthetic and natural polymer materials, including plastics, rubber, fiber, wood, paper, coatings, etc. Electronics, electrical, transportation, building materials, furniture, textiles, etc. are the main application areas of flame retardants.

3. Classification of flame retardants.

According to the form of flame retardant in polymer materials, it can be divided into additive type and reactive type. According to the elements contained, flame retardants can be divided into phosphorous, halogen, boron, antimony and other metal flame retardants. According to chemical composition, it is divided into organic flame retardant and inorganic flame retardant.

4. Action principle of flame retardant:

Flame retardants exert their flame retardant effects through several mechanisms, such as endothermic effect, covering effect, inhibition of chain reaction, and suffocation of non-combustible gases. Most flame retardants achieve the purpose of flame retardancy through the joint action of several mechanisms.


Above, we can know that the flame-retardant masterbatch can improve the flame-retardant efficiency, so the fire retardant correx sheet also improves its material properties through flame retardants, making it a flame-retardant correx sheet, which achieves the flame retardant performance of people. Therefore, it can be used in some special places with fire-proof and flame-retardant requirements.

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