Custom Corrugated Plastic Dividers And Partitions

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The corrugated plastic dividers/partitions are made of correx sheets(also can be called coroplast sheets, corflute sheets, corrugated plastic sheets, etc). They can be customized in batches according to the various needs of customers, as follows:

1. The thickness of correx dividers can be customized.

There are many thicknesses of correx sheets. Correx sheets with different thicknesses of 2mm-12mm have different bearing capacity and different weights. Customers will customize corrugated plastic dividers of corresponding thickness according to their own product packaging requirements.

2. The density can be customized: 

The density of the coroplast divider is the weight of the 1㎡ correx board. The thickness and material density of the drawing machine will determine the weight. For example, the weight of a hollow board with a thickness of 5mm is generally 850 grams, and the density can be increased according to customer requirements.


3. The color of corrugated plastic partitions can be customized. 

Correx board products come in a variety of different colors. Generally speaking, white is a new material pp hollow board. Generally, there are two kinds of anti-static materials, black and gray. If you need fire rated plastic dividers, I suggest you choose white color. 

Our regular colors include blue, white, black, grey. We can also customize other colors, red, yellow, orange, etc.

4. The hardness can be customized. 

The raw materials of the correx sheets have different proportions, and different proportions have different hardness requirements and content ratios. The hardness and hardness can be adjusted according to customer needs.

5. The solution of corrugated plastic partitions can be customized. 

The inner packaging materials can be freely combined according to the customer's product situation, or correx board, or correx board + EVA, or correx board + EPE, different combinations have different costs and functions, and can be selected at will.

Our corrugated plastic dividers are designed to fit your existing boxes or our custom-designed corrugated plastic boxes. If you need corrugated plastic dividers/partitions, welcome to contact me at any time!  We also provide a free sample for you to test.
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