Correx boards of regular colors

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Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional correx sheet wholesale manufacturer. Our company can produce the sheets that have a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

The  correx sheets(also known as coroplast sheets, pp hollow boards) can also be made into packaging boxes, turnover boxes, tool packaging boxes, plastic wardrobe box for moving, fruit&vegetables packaging boxes, stationery boxes, layer pads, corrugated plastic dividers and partitions, correx floor protection, delta traps and other products.

The most commonly used boards are in four colors, namely black, blue, white, and gray. But we can also customize other colors, such as green, yellow, red, orange, etc.


1. Black correx sheet.

It can be made into a variety of ordinary, anti-static or conductive panel, which can be anti-static, waterproof, moisture-proof, stain-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and pressure-resistant. It is an ideal packaging material for various electronics, hardware, and sensitive components.


2. Blue corrugated plastic sheets.

Blue is the color that many enterprises like to use. It can be used layer pads, bottom sheets, or packaging boxes for various products. It is fresh and clear, with strong color texture, easy to identify, and used to install or protect various parts.


3. White correx sheets.

 White color is clean and flawless, it is the gospel of medicine, hygiene and food products. It can also be made into various flame-retardant and UV-resistant pp hollow boards, which are widely used in advertising, home appliances, decoration, and construction industries.

4. Gray corrugated plastic sheets.

Gray color is neutral and easy to match any place, it can be made into various layer pads, backing plates, and inner packaging materials. Gray ring-shaped packaging trays have also begun to be widely used in enterprises as the end guards of thin metal sheets and thin metal tubes.


The above is part of the sheet display. The Correx board manufacturer-Suzhou Huiyuan plastic products Co., Ltd can also manufacture other green, red, yellow, orange, purple, and brown products according to customer requirements. Customers are welcome to contact us for more information now.

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