Corrugated Plastic Carton Box VS Carton Box

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Corrugated plastic carton box is also known as plastic cardboard box, plastic turnover boxes, corrugated plastic boxes, corflute box, pp corrugated box, etc. It's made of corrugated plastic sheets, the raw material is polypropylene.

Compared with cartons, corrugated plastic carton boxes have the following advantages:

1. The plastic carton box has a long service life and is durable. Carton boxes are afraid of piercing by sharp objects. At most, they will break after being used 1-3 times. They do not meet the country's recyclable packaging needs. Plastic boxes can be used dozens of times.

2. The plastic carton box is dirt-resistant and easy to clean. If the carton is accidentally stained with oil or chemicals, it cannot be cleaned, which affects the appearance of the product packaging and can only be scrapped, which wastes cost and resources. The plastic cardboard box can be cleaned directly on the surface of the box.

3. Plastic carton boxes are not easy to cause environmental pollution. Due to the chaotic management of cartons and low recycling costs, especially in the consumer goods and express delivery industries, littering of secondary cartons is very common and serious pollution. Plastic boxes will not be like this.

4. The corrugated plastic box is waterproof and damp-proof. Long-term storage of cartons in a humid environment will cause moldy and deterioration of various packaged foods and rust and corrosion of precision instruments, which will cause different levels of quality problems. If it rains or gets wet during turnover and transportation, the weight loss is not a little bit. But plastic boxes will not encounter such problems.


2. Compared with carton boxes, the disadvantages of plastic cardboard boxes are:

1. The price of plastic boxes is relatively high. The cartons pass through the automatic packaging line, which is simple to form and has high production efficiency. They are basically disposable products, so the price is relatively low. However, plastic boxes are recyclable and will be used a lot more times. Compared with cartons, plastic cardboard boxes are more cost-effective.

2. Although the weight of plastic carton box is also very light, compared to carton box, carton boxes are lighter than plastic boxes.

In summary, you can see the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of cartons and plastic turnover boxes. Corrugated lastic turnover boxes not only have the functions of folding and customizing ordinary cartons, but also are environmentally friendly, waterproof, waterproof, wear-resistant, high-temperature and corrosion-resistant. , Long service life, is a good substitute for cartons.

Therefore, the national environmental protection department is also constantly advocating green packaging policies, calling on people to choose reusable and sustainable packaging products to reduce the damage and impact of environmental pollution on the ecosystem, protect the environment, love nature and choose recyclable corrugated plastic carton boxes!

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