How to choose the corrugated plastic manufacturers?

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Professional corrugated plastic manufacturers are the most critical and most basic factor for purchasing high-quality corrugated plastic sheets. With the rapid development of the economy, corrugated plastic boards have gradually replaced traditional paper packaging. Because pp corrugated sheet is a kind of green environmental protection material, it has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, non-toxic, environmental protection, anti-aging, etc., it is used more and more widely in our daily life. So, how do choose regular corrugated plastic manufacturers?

1. Four key points for choosing corrugated plastic manufacturers:

(1) Delivery time and service

Whether it can be delivered on time or not is a very important factor. Huiyuan Plastics has a set of fast production and delivery processes. The team design and proofing are very fast and it only takes 2 hours. 11 production lines can realize rapid mass production of corrugated pp sheets. Ships in just 7-15 days. A professional production team can guarantee on-time delivery to customers!

(2) Qualification and reputation of pp corrugated sheet manufacturers

The scale of the manufacturer is the guarantee of the overall strength. It is necessary to know whether the manufacturer has formal qualifications, whether there is an ISO certification system, SGS test report, anti-static test report, etc., and whether these qualifications can be verified through a third-party platform. Moreover, it is necessary to understand the reputation of manufacturers in the industry, so that some bad manufacturers can be screened out!

(3) Inspect the quality of the product

At present, in the production process of corrugated plastic sheets, many plastic corrugated sheet manufacturers will choose the method of mixing new materials with old materials in raw materials, which can bring better cost performance. However, if there is too much-doped corner waste, it will have a great impact on the quality and life of the hollow board. This aspect must be clearly identified! If you want to know how to identify a good correx plastic sheet product, you can click here!

(4) Whether the corrugated plastic manufacturers can meet the needs of customers

PP hollow panels are currently available in various specifications, colors, performances, processes, etc., and can also be made into different extended products through secondary processing, so first of all, you must determine whether the manufacturer can meet your customization needs!


2. About Us

Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional corrugated plastic manufacturer in China, specializing in the production of pp corrugated board products with various properties, such as corrugated plastic sheets (anti-static hollow sheet, conductive hollow sheet, flame retardant hollow sheet), pp hollow boxes, corrugated plastic layer pads, corrugated plastic dividers, coroplast signs, corflute tree guards, correx floor protection and a series of plastic hollow board products. High quality and low cost. Welcome to fill in the form or contact customer service directly!

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