Three points to pay attention to when buying corrugated plastic shipping boxes

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The corrugated plastic shipping boxes are important transportation tools for auto parts, electronic products, hardware parts, fruits, vegetables, and seafood. The corrugated plastic box is made of lightweight and durable corrugated plastic sheets, and its main material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene. It is loved by all walks of life because of its rich advantages and comprehensive functions. Then when buying corrugated polypropylene boxes, you need to pay attention to the following three points.

First, look at the material of the corrugated plastic shipping bins

Look at the material of the board and not just look at its surface. Carefully look at the gloss of the surface of the sheet and the color of the cross-section. The corrugated pp sheets of pp shipping boxes are made of new materials. The black hollow board material will have a smooth and shiny surface; the colored and transparent boards will have uniform gloss, no pitting, spots, and even appear transparent shape or translucent shape, the appearance is better.


Next, look at the hardness of the pp corrugated plastic box boards

The hardness of the general sheet is also relatively poor, and the edge will be dented by lightly pinching it by hand, and some even cannot be returned after being dented. The good corrugated plastic sheet is stronger and tougher, and it is not easy to be torn.

Third, and then look at the weight of the corrugated plastic shipping boxes panels

The density of the board refers to the weight per square of the board. Under normal circumstances, the thicker the plate, the higher the weight, the higher the toughness, and the higher the price. However, the pp corrugated sheet box made of a certain thickness of plate can be suitable for your own use, because the thick plate will be harder. For those products with special requirements, the corrugated plastic shipping boxes with appropriate hardness are still used.


According to the introduction of the above content, you should know how to correctly choose the corrugated plastic shipping boxes that suit you. If you want to buy corrugated plastic shipping boxes or other corrugated polypropylene products, please contact us! We are happy to serve you.

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