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Corflute tree guards play the important role in improving seedling yield, quality and afforestation survival rate. It not only promotes the vigorous growth of seedlings and enhances resistance, but also creates a better growth environment for seedlings to the greatest extent in the event of natural disasters. Using corflute tree guard is an effective solution to protect seedlings from frost, sunburn, wind and sand, drought, pests, birds and beasts. So let's take a look at the tree guards made of corflute sheets.

1. The main components of corflute tree guards

The corflute plant guard is made of the very popular polypropylene, which is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, translucent solid substance. Since polypropylene itself is a thermoplastic synthetic resin with excellent properties, it has chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high-strength mechanical properties, and good high wear-resistant processing properties, which makes the saplings made of polypropylene. Protection stands out among the many sapling protection devices. So what are the advantages of corflute guards?

2. The characteristics of corflute plant guards

(1) Corflute tree guards are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

(2) For the corflute plant guards, anti-UV particles can be added to the raw materials, so that the corflute guard in this way can be used outdoors for a longer time and are not easy to be weathered.

(3) Compared with iron sapling protection, corflute tree guards will not rust due to moisture, affecting the appearance and service life, and has a greater price advantage.

(4) Compared with the protection of paper saplings, the corflute plant guard is stronger and the waterproof performance is better, so the use time is longer and the survival rate of small saplings is increased to a greater extent.

(5) Of course, another major advantage of corflute tree protectors is that they can be customized. First of all, its colors are very rich, you can choose the color you like. What's more, you can customize your size to provide the right "umbrella" for your saplings.

(6) The corflute tree guard is very easy to install, just needs to be folded and fixed according to the designed indentation. Time cost can be saved.

(7) It can also be folded. In the current situation that the freight has been high, we can hold more products in the same container, so that the freight is not very expensive.


3. The role of using corflute tree guards

1. Prevent direct sunlight, reflect excess sunlight, and protect seedlings from exposure to the sun

2. Prevent wind and rain from destroying seedlings, which can play a role in keeping warm.

3. The most important thing is to prevent the seedlings from being eaten by animals, resulting in the death of the seedlings.

4. Prevent the machine from accidentally hurting the saplings when cleaning weeds.

5. Prevent damage to saplings when spraying pesticides

All in all, the use of corflute tree guard can take advantage of the least cost, maximize the survival rate of our saplings

4. Typical Corflute Tree Guard Cases

1. Round corflute tree guards - 70,000 units exported to Chile on April 12, 2021.

2. Square corflute plant guards - 160,000 units exported to Australia on June 5, 2021.

3. Triangle corflute guards - 120,000 units exported to New Zealand on March 30, 2021.


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