What are corrugated plastic tier sheets ?

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Corrugated plastic tier sheets are a separation device that increases the stability of the pallet load. It is directly cut from corrugated plastic board to the size required by customers, and its core material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene. Hollow sheets are used as a separation layer between goods on pallets, increasing the stability of the load and preventing contamination from one layer to another, and are the best choice for transportation and packaging in various contemporary industries.

1. Classifications of corrugated plastic tier sheets

(1). Unsealed plastic tier sheets- the simplest process, just cut the corrugated plastic sheet directly according to the customer's size requirements.

(2). Edge-sealed plastic layer pads- On the basis of unsealed tier sheets, through professional hot-melt edge sealing technology, the desired edge sealing effect can be achieved.

(3). Shallow corrugated plastic tray- the four sides have a certain height to prevent the product from being scattered due to various factors. The four sides are pressed and cut so that they can be folded and fixed by Velcro. When recycled, it is still a flat plate after unfolding.

(4). Corrugated plastic tier sheets with holes - according to the shape of the packaged product, press and cut some holes that match the size of the product on the board, so that the product can be stuck in the hole, which is more firm and safe.


2. The applications of the plastic tier sheets

(1). Food industry

The most used corrugated plastic tier sheet is in the food industry. Because of its non-toxic and tasteless characteristics, it can be directly stored with food and is often used to package glass bottled or canned beverages. Prevent collisions between food items and maintain air circulation.

(2). Medical industry

Because the most important thing in the pharmaceutical industry is hygiene, the use of pallet tier sheets can effectively prevent dust and insects from entering the bottle and prevent contamination of drugs.

(3). Industry

Plastic tier sheets are also ideal for transporting and storing plastic molds and auto parts. Because most of these molds are special-shaped, easy to collide and have strict requirements during transportation, the tier sheets with holes can solve this problem well, so that they can be fixed in the holes and can reach the destination safely, also The transportation cost is greatly saved.

(4). Shallow corrugated plastic tray for chemical daily necessities

This kind of shallow corrugated plastic tray is specially designed for daily chemical bottles. Such as laundry detergent, sanitizer, detergent, etc.

3. The advantages of the corrugated plastic tier sheets

(1). The corrugated plastic tier sheet has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof. Compared with cardboard, it will not become soft due to the humid environment.

(2). It is very environmentally friendly. The discarded pallet tier sheets can be recycled and reused, saving resources for society and reducing the garbage on the earth.

(3). The plastic tier sheets can also be recycled, and their service life is more than 10 times that of corrugated cardboard. In this way, the cost of the tier sheet is much lower than that of cardboard.

(4). Because of its good corrosion resistance, it was discovered by the medical industry. General medicines contain some chemical components, once leaked, it will affect the outside world, and the tier sheets can adapt to this environment.

(5). It is easy to print. For brand owners, you can print your own logo on the board to increase brand awareness.

(6). The corrugated plastic tier sheet is easy to clean, and because of its smooth surface, it is not easy to get stains.

(7). Its colors are very rich, and customers can also customize their own exclusive colors according to their own requirements.

(8). etc.


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