Corrugated plastic sign vs Aluminum Sign

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The corrugated plastic sign is a very popular advertisement in modern society, it is made of non-toxic pp polypropylene. Polypropylene is resistant to many chemicals at average temperatures and can provide additional resistance to UV rays, severe weather, static loads and fire. So, which is better, corrugated plastic sign or aluminum sign?


1. The difference between the corrugated plastic sign and the aluminum sign

  • Durability

    Corrugated plastic sign pringting is more durable than simple plastic, wood or cardboard. In fact, its strength is only comparable to that of aluminum. One of the properties that gives it its durability is its UV protection, which ensures longevity in different environmental conditions.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Corrugated plastic sign is much less expensive than other materials of comparable quality, such as aluminum. It is easy to build and install, greatly reducing costs. Take aluminum or paper, for example, they require special packaging before shipping, adding to the cost.

  • Light transmittance

    If the lights are installed between the boards, corrugated plastic signs are more suitable than aluminum signs. Because the light transmittance of the corrugated plastic sign is very good, the signboard can be seen at night. Aluminium, wood or cardboard do not have this capability.

  • The corrugated plastic sign printing is more convenient to install

    Corrugated plastic signs are easier to install than aluminum signs and other materials of similar performance. Corrugated plastic is easy to bend and fold and is very tough, making it the best material for your sign.

  • Scratch resistance

    Corrugated plastic signs are compressive and scratch resistant. Aluminum signboards scratch easily, and cardboard can't even match. If you want to choose a product that won't lose its value anytime soon, a corrugated plastic sign would be a good choice.

  • The corrugated plastic sign is more convenient for transportation

    The heavier the material, the more issues such as cost of delivery and logistics. Corrugated plastic signs are lightweight, which makes transportation easier than other signs such as aluminum or wood.


2. The specific application areas of the corrugated plastic sign

  • The corrugated plastic sign printing can be used in large supermarkets or shopping malls, so that people can know the content of product promotion activities here.

  • The corrugated plastic sign can directly print the store name or logo, and lights can be installed inside, so that people can remember the store name and come to visit often.

  • It can also be used as the direction sign of the street name, which is convenient for passers-by to choose the correct route to the destination.

  • Other customized corrugated plastic signs (customized color, size, pattern, printing)

To sum up, the corrugated plastic sign has a very high use value and a very low price cost. When considering the purchase of corrugated plastic signs, your requirements are very important. For this reason, you must choose a reputable company carefully, as this is the most important factor in helping you buy your qualified product.


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