What factors should be considered when wholesale corflute sheets

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The corflute sheets are very common in all walks of life with the development of society. For example, some fruit boxes are made of corflute sheets, or temporary correx floor protection, corflute signs, corrugated plastic sapling protection, and so on. When some customers first choose to use the corflute sheet, they will encounter a problem, that is, whether the corflute plastic sheets meet the requirements? So, what factors should we consider when buying the corflute sheets?

Seven factors to consider when wholesales corflute sheets

(1) Price

For most consumers, price is the primary consideration no matter what product is purchased. Generally, people will learn about the price of corflute plastic sheets through online searches, acquaintances' recommendations, etc., and then choose the corflute sheet suppliers closest to their expectations by shopping around. But price is only one of many considerations when buying corflute sheets, and it plays an important role, but not a decisive one.

(2) Check the quality of the corflute plastic sheets

In corflute plastic sheets of the same price, quality plays a decisive role. Every manufacturer will say that their own corflute sheet products are the best, so how to judge the quality of the corflute sheet? At this time, if the manufacturer can provide some internationally recognized product-related certificates and support the previous sample test, then its credibility will be more convincing than the monotonous text description.


(3) Shipping

For customers who buy corflute sheets in small quantities, there is no problem with shipping costs, they generally search for retail supermarkets on Google (similar to such search terms: correx protection screwfix, correx protection sheets b&q, corflute sheets near me), and then buy directly from the supermarket. However, for foreign customers who wholesale corflute plastic sheets in large quantities, the freight will also be included in the cost, so the level of freight also plays a crucial role. Since the epidemic at the end of 2019 to the present, the foreign trade industry all over the world has been affected due to the rising and high sea freight rates. It can be seen that freight is an important factor in purchasing corflute sheets.

(4) Performance

As we all know, the corflute sheet is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene, which has attracted the attention of all walks of life because of its many good properties. It is also because the demand for corflute sheets is getting higher and higher in the world, and there are more and more corflute sheet suppliers. The performance of the boards produced by different manufacturers is different. At this time, it is necessary to carry out a standard evaluation of the board's waterproof performance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-aging performance, so as to provide a reference for consumers to choose from.

(5) Specifications of corflute sheets

Generally, the corflute sheet sizes can be customized arbitrarily. If you need to customize the corflute board, you must first check whether the manufacturer can meet your customization requirements. Because the technology of each manufacturer also has deviations, the specs you want will be limited by the equipment or technology and can't do it. Let's share the general specifications of the corflute sheet:

Huiyuan corflute sheets


2 mm

3 mm

4 mm

5 mm

6 mm

7 mm

8 mm

9 mm

10 mm












Black, White, Blue, Green, or Custom


Less than 2600mm


Customize arbitrarily


(6) Services

Good service is also a guarantee. There will be some unexpected situations when an order is completed. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether the merchant has the service awareness to solve the problem in time. These can be judged through the usual communications.

(7) Scale of manufacturers

When choosing to buy corflute sheets, the scale of the manufacturer is also very important. This determines whether your order can be fulfilled on time. Before placing an order, you can ensure the authenticity of the factory by visiting the factory or asking the staff to shoot factory-related videos, and then ask the staff to send some factory-related certificates.


Well, the factors to consider when purchasing corflute sheets are introduced here. If you are interested in wholesale corflute sheets, please contact us, we will design a customized solution for you with sincere service and professional communication.

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