What are there corflute sizes?

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Corflute sizes are the problem that people often care about. If you want to choose corflute sizes that suit you, size is very important. Compared with wooden boards or iron boards, cor flute sheet sizes have the lightest weight under the same size. So it's the best option when you need extremely durable plastic sheets. It is made of non-toxic polypropylene, which is very durable and waterproof. The size of the coreflute sheet can be arbitrarily cut, so what are its commonly used corflute sizes?

Corflute sizes have a lot to do with their use, let's give an example of its common sizes:

  • When the coreflute sheets are used as corrugated plastic layer pads, its common dimensions are 1000mm X 1200mm, 1200mm X 1200mm, 800mm x 1200mm, 1000mm x 1000mm, 1100mm x 1100mm, etc.

  • When pp hollow boards are used as core flute signs, the commonly used corflute signs sizes are 12"x24", 24"x24", 48" x 96" (4'X8')

  • When the corrugated plastic panels are used for floor protection, the common size of the board is 4'X8', and the normal size of the floor protection roll is 1m x 50m.

  • Standard corflute size: 4'X8'(1220mmx2440mm)

Overall, the corflute size of 48" x 96" (4'X8) is the most popular because its size is more adaptable to multiple uses. And if you buy correx sheets from Huiyuan Plastics, in addition to the above sizes, we can also customize cor flute sheet sizes according to customer requirements. In addition to custom sizes, we can also customize the colors, thicknesses and shapes of the panels.


What are the advantages of Huiyuan corflute boards?

1. All of Huiyuan's PP corrugated products are made of high-quality raw material - polypropylene, and the production process has undergone multiple rounds of strict inspections, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the boards from different batches.

2. Our correx sheets are much lighter than wood or PVC material, and have very good toughness and durability. Their uniqueness solves the problem of incompatibility between "lightweight" and "strong" general boards.

3. The coroplast board produced by Huiyuan manufacturers has a very smooth surface, is easy to print, and is not easy to fade, which is inaccessible to wooden boards and other boards.

4. Our boards can be customized, such as customized corflute sizes, colors, thicknesses, etc.

5. Our cor plast sheets are moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and high-temperature resistant, suitable for a variety of harsh environments. Through technical processing, our cor plast panels can also be upgraded to be anti-static, flame-retardant, and UV-resistant.

6. Because we are the source manufacturer, the price will be much cheaper than some agents. A good corrugated plastic sheet can not only be reused many times, but also recycled and reused, so it is very cost-effective.


If you want to know more about corflute sizes and other polypropylene corrugated sheet knowledge, feel free to contact our customer service consultation. In addition to the production of correx boards, our factory also processes various boxes and other products. We have 15+ years of export experience and a professional R&D team. We can design and customize the size, color, and thickness of the panels according to your requirements. Before you place an order, we can also provide free samples for your reference.

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