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Correx printed signs are our most popular sign material and it is the perfect low-cost advertising sign perfect for advertising or architectural signs. Not only is this strong corrugated plastic material extremely durable and cost-effective, but it is also a fully recyclable material. These Correx Signs are digitally printed to the same standards as our top-of-the-line products, so you can be sure your message is clear. Just send us your wording and we will do the rest. Great for directional signs and event signs, lamppost signs, placards, and campaigns.
Eye-catching and versatile, correx printing remains a staple of the global advertising industry.

Huiyuan provides customers with custom correx signs that are portable and lightweight, yet strong and durable.



How to install or hang correx printed signs?

As correx printing is a lightweight corrugated plastic. This makes Correx Signs easy to install on any surface. See below some surfaces where you might want to install correx advertising boards and our recommended solutions:

  1. Metal Containers - Drill directly through the board and into the metal, this will hold the board in place.

  2. Barbed Wire - We can fit metal eyelets to the corners of the boards, making it easy to hang them. Just use cable ties to secure them.

  3. Brick Wall - First mark the location of the circuit board, drill the holes for the original plugs, then screw the correx into the original plugs above.

  4. Wooden Fence - Go straight through the Correx sign and screw it into the wood. Plastic is a soft material that won't crack or crack.


The advantages and disadvantages of correx printing

  • Ideal for temporary outdoor signage with Correx advertising boards. These waterproof billboards are inexpensive advertising signs commonly used to personalize lamp post signs and event signage.

  • Correx Signs are perfect for corporate billboards because they are ridged and can stand upright on counters or fastened to walls or billboards. Small correx printed signs can even be placed inside the aluminum clip frame.

  • Cheap correx printing allows customers to print personalized designs in larger quantities, increasing visibility and exposure as a temporary sign for an event.

  • Easy to install, the correx display boards can be easily removed after the event with little time.

  • While these correx advertising boards are waterproof and inexpensive, 3mm billboards have a short lifespan outdoors. In direct sunlight and high temperatures, plastic signs may decompose after 9 to 12 months. 5mm corrugated cardboard is very durable and durable.


Where I can use correx signs?

  • Correx display boards are primarily designed for outdoor use, as temporary signs or short-term advertising. They can often be found on construction sites as safety construction warning signs or real estate agent property signs.

  • Cheap correx printing can also be used indoors. Such as supermarket promotion signs, and shopping mall road signs.


Huiyuan typical correx printed signs


Material of correx advertising boards – Polypropylene

Polypropylene is widely available and inexpensive, making it the second most used plastic in the world after polyethylene. Its versatility and excellent performance as well as recyclability make it the darling of the correx advertising board industry. The salient features of polypropylene are:

  • Water resistance

  • Allows for transmissivity

  • Color variability

  • High melting point

  • Chemical resistance

  • Biological resistance

  • Insulation

  • Non-toxic

  • Recyclable

Polypropylene has so many advantages, and finally, understand why correx display boards made of polypropylene are so popular.


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