Understand the functions of custom coroplast boxes

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Custom coroplast boxes are lightweight, waterproof, anti-corrosion, non-toxic, and can be recycled multiple times. The foldable design reduces the number of placement deliveries. It is a suitable material to replace cartons or cartons. We can also custom screen print with your logo.


Coroplast shipping boxes have good environmental performance and secondary processing performance. Environmentally friendly polypropylene material. Custom corrugated plastic boxes are generally designed with a bayonet on the bottom. Boxes of the same length and width are easy to stack, and corrugated plastic packaging boxes can be folded up when the box is empty, saving a lot of space. It also saves a lot of space in the time it takes to get goods out and air back. The production of coroplast shipping boxes is also faster. Generally, a medium-sized box can be produced in about 50 seconds.


Custom coroplast boxes related functions

There are several features to consider when purchasing custom corrugated plastic boxes. The ideal corrugated plastic case should have features suitable for a company's shipping and storage needs. Here are some customizable features of the Huiyuan container:

  1. Corrugated plastic packaging boxes can customize anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, flame retardant, and conductive boxes according to the types of stored items.

  2. For some fragile or irregular hardware parts. To prevent damage from collision and friction between products, coroplast shipping boxes can be used with corrugated plastic dividers.

  3. Of course, for enterprises, corrugated plastic boxes that conform to the company's image can be customized, and people will know what brand it is as soon as they see it. It can be achieved by color and printing.

  4. The handle design is also an important part of custom coroplast boxes. It is convenient for workers to carry items.

  5. For the auto parts industry or the heavy packaging industry, the stability and bearing capacity of the box are very important. We can provide ultrasonic welding, rivet reinforcement, metal frames attached to edge strips, and reinforced boxes for added strength and extra load-carrying capacity.

  6. For the packaging industry, we can design split-lid boxes or even-lid boxes, or ordinary carton-type corrugated plastic packaging boxes.


Which industries use custom corrugated plastic boxes?

Huiyuan corrugated plastic packaging boxes can accommodate a variety of electronic hardware parts and fruit and vegetable products. They are usually made of lightweight corrugated plastic - polypropylene. These coroplast shipping boxes are highly mobile and can be easily transported around the warehouse floor with the help of forklifts and pallet jacks. These reusable corrugated plastic boxes have a wide range of uses in all industries, including:

  1. Auto parts industry

  2. Pharmaceutical industry

  3. Food and beverage industry

  4. Cosmetics industry

  5. Chemical industry

  6. Vegetable and fruit industry

  7. Hardware industry

  8. Any industry that requires packaging, storage, and transportation


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Since its establishment, the company has always been market-oriented, serving customers as its purpose, strengthening the internal management of the company, and continuously meeting the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

The products produced by the company have won the favor of many domestic and foreign customers with stable quality, reasonable price, and perfect service, and has established a long-term supply relationship with it. All kinds of corrugated plastic products sell well in Europe, America, Australia, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries.

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