Features of corrugated plastic layer pads for pallets

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Layer pads for pallets made of polypropylene plastic are a dust-free solution for production areas and goods with high hygiene requirements. These layer pad pallet sheets prevent the transfer of moisture from the wooden pallet to the cargo. Its surface is impervious to water, oil, and chemicals and can be used in a temperature range of -30°C to +80°C. We also offer rounded corners to help prevent shrink wrap on pallets from tearing. Sealed edges help improve hygiene and simplify cleaning.

Huiyuan pallet layer pads are ideal for glass jar factories, soft drink factories, and logistics companies. They use them to divide their goods, keep them safe, and stack them in an efficient and fast way. Our plastic layer pads for beverages can be manufactured in any thickness between 2 and 12 mm. We will help you determine the thickness that best suits your needs.


Features of Corrugated Plastic Sheet separator:

  1. Reduce damage - Layer pads for pallets provide a protective layer that reduces the risk of items being damaged during shipping. They also protect the item when a cutter is used to open the package.

  2. ECO-FRIENDLY - layer pad pallet sheets are made from recyclable materials and are a great way to protect your products and ecosystem.

  3. Waterproof - It's water resistant and doesn't soften when wet like cardboard. So you don't have to question its carrying capacity.

  4. Edge-sealed Design - The edge-sealed pallet layer pads are more hygienic. It can prevent bacteria from growing in the gap. If you have high hygiene requirements, you must choose the corrugated plastic sheet separator with edge sealing.

  5. Rich colors - you can choose any color you like. But commonly used colors like blue, black, white and green are cheaper. Custom colors will be more expensive.

  6. Lightweight - plastic layer pads for beverages are extremely lightweight yet durable. And the processing is also very easy, you can directly cut a large piece of corrugated plastic sheets.

  7. Corrosion Resistant - It will not rust, rot, mold, or corrode like metal or wood. The surface is smooth and very easy to clean.


Typical cases of Huiyuan layer pads for pallets

  1. Layer pad pallet sheets with holes - General brands will choose layer pads with holes in order to make the product more secure during transportation. It is safer to snap the product in a hole of a suitable size.

  2. Four-sided fenced pallet layer pads - We usually call these layer pads corrugated plastic trays. This design prevents the product from falling out and accidentally injuring people around. Huiyuan can design them to be folded, and when not in use, they can be unfolded as a flat plate, which is convenient for storage.

  3. Rounded corners corrugated plastic sheet separator - Rounded corners can protect flexible packaging products from being punctured by corners and prevent sharp corners from hurting handling workers.

  4. Sealed-edges plastic layer pads for beverage - If a beverage or alcohol leaks, it will generally flow into the pores of the tier sheets, where it can breed bacteria and attract cockroaches. People get stomach aches when they drink unhygienic beverages.

  5. Unsealed layer pads for pallets - This tier sheet has the lowest cost, just cut PP corrugated sheets directly according to the customer's required size.



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No matter what industry you are in, products need protection during transportation or storage. Huiyuan can provide the PP layer pads for pallets you need to protect your assets and prevent costly insurance claims or shipping delays. We can provide you and your business with high-quality pallet layer pads from China to ensure your products are safe and reliable. Contact us for free samples.

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