Coroplast The Most Economical And Durable Rigid Material

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Plastic conquers numerous spaces every day in different areas of the industry worldwide. PVC materials are gradually and actively gaining popularity due to the increasing importance of visual advertising and digital printing.

Coroplast has many important features and a wide range functions which makes it quite essential for the digital impressions.

Every day, advertising companies choose materials with characteristics adaptable to all kinds of situations. Design, price and quality are factors of great importance in the development of new alternatives. 

Keep reading to find out all the amazing things you can do with the coroplast for digital prints.

What is coroplast for digital printing?

The digital printing can also be referred to as the corrugated plastic. This solution is based on the polyethylene and various properties associated with it. The digital printing involves the use of copolymer sheets which consist of two smooth surfaces. The design of the sheet is based on the architecture of the corrugated cardboard. 

The coroplast also come in different sizes. For example, the 18x24 coroplast representing the areas. Other varieties can be seen in the different colors. The prominent color is white as seen in the white corrugated plastic coroplast yard signs.

In many cases, there are sheets of wood that follow the same principle of a corrugated center. However, every day they are being replaced by coroplast sheets due to their important advantages.

Advantages of coroplast for digital printing

Next we will see what are the practical advantages of printing on coroplast sheets:

Ultralight material: The coroplast's corrugated design gives it great resistance accompanied by extraordinary lightness. The coroplast is one of the lightest printing material among the series of rigid materials.

Easy to disassemble: Once in use, coroplast sheets are very easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.

Waterproof: Compared to cardboard or corrugated wood, coroplast is completely waterproof.

It receives the paint very well: The digital prints made on coroplast are durable and of good quality.

It is antistatic and heat insulating: Because it is a PVC plastic it is not an effective conductor of heat and static.

Why use digital printing in coroplast

The advertising and industrial applications of the coroplast vary. Here, we’d be looking at some of the applications.

Advertisements or billboards: It is common to see billboards or advertisements with digital printing on coroplast. Their lightness and water resistance make them great for this task.

Banners: In interior spaces, smaller advertising resources such as banners can also be printed on coroplast. Its light structure makes it highly demanded for this use.

Product packaging: Many food products, toy boxes, toy packaging, and others are made of coroplast.

Traffic or pedestrian signs: these signs are visible when printed on the coroplast.

Decoration of spaces: Gardens, terraces, interior spaces and other areas can be decorated in coroplast.

Where to get coroplast sheets for digital printing?

How to choose the best coroplast for digital printing is a vital task for companies and individuals. However, it should be noted that the process begins with the site for the purchase. You can contact us.


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