Main Uses of the corrugated plastic sheet

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The corrugated plastic, also known as coroplast is a polyethylene plate which is generated from a process of extruding material. The end result is a sheet made up of two walls joined through cells, known as ribs.

plastic sheet

This product is manufactured without the addition of additives, so corrugated plastic is flame retardant, anticorrosive and antistatic.

Thanks to a treatment carried out after its manufacture, known as UV, corrugated plastic plates have good durability and their use extends to replace other materials such as cardboard and wood.

In this note we are going to introduce you to the different uses and advantages of using corrugated plastic.

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Corrugated plastic uses

Plates of corrugated plastic are extremely versatile so they are in different formats and applications. Thanks to its mechanical characteristics, it is a product that can be cut and die-cut into various sections to adapt it to the most convenient use.

Other outdoor applications of the corrugated plastic sheet include the following:

Stationery shop articles

Packaging where they serve as storage floor for those products in the warehouse that do not require constant movement.


Advertising elements


 Thanks to their resistance and maneuverability, corrugated plastic plates can be drilled and hung. This is why we also find it in signage products such as:

Presentations and other uses of corrugated plastic

Corrugated plastic with cutter

Corrugated plastic plates have a surface that can be printed to generate different types of designs, which expands its use. Through various printing processes such as flatbed printing, productions are obtained in corrugated plastic plates ideal for signage and advertising.

Flatbed printing can be done on virtually any surface, and has a smooth end result with sharp, fine details. The plates plastic corrugated treated flatbed printing have an immediate drying, so the process is fast and quality. For more information on flatbed printing, we invite you to read the following note about it.

Having talked about the uses of the corrugated plastic sheets, we shall be looking at the features and the relative advantage of this unique plastic product.

Advantages of using corrugated polycarbonate

As we have seen, the characteristics of corrugated plastic plates have excellent performance and are applied in different uses. It is a waterproof and very flexible material so it can be easily molded. This makes it easy to transport with high impact resistance.

Another highlight of corrugated plastic is its use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to its composition, no fungi or any type of organism proliferate on its surface, making it an excellent sterile packaging.

In addition, corrugated plastic is a product made from recycled plastics, so it does not pollute the environment.

The next time you think of the corrugated plastic sheet, think of its features and the advantages. As your preferred Corrugated Plastic Sheet Manufacturer, we are here to answer every question you have regarding our products and the general application of the corrugated plastic sheet. We are available 24/7. You can always reach us.


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