4x8 Corrugated Plastic Sheets, 1220mm x 2440mm Coroplast Boards

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Plastic Sheets

When it comes to building and construction materials, a lot of builders and homeowners dread the short lifespan of some products. This, in part, is due to the ease of damage to these products by water, sun, and even human activities.

But for the corrugated plastic sheets(also known as coroplast sheets), they seem to be a lifesaver due to their high quality and durable nature. Like you probably know, a 4x8 corrugated plastic sheet /48" x96 coroplast board is a waterproof material that can be used for either roofing or the building of pen houses for animals.

Where To Buy Quality 4x8 Corrugated Plastic Sheets?

Yes, it’s obvious that before hitting the market to purchase 4x8 corrugated plastic sheets, you must have drawn a budget to guide you in your choice of corrugated plastic sheet. Well, having a budget and purchasing the best material are two different leagues.

When it comes to the sales and manufacture of premium 4x8 corrugated plastic sheet, Suzhou Huiyuan is a brand that rings a bell. Why you may ask. With over two decades of fruitful research, development, and production experience, you cannot get less than a first-class product from this brand. 

They have a trusted team of experts who are up to date with the modern trend in the industry and would not compromise on standards of quality materials for production using high technological machines.  

You know what? With Suzhou Huiyuan, you can have a 100% custom- made service, little wonder they have their products all over the globe as a result of customer friendly services and unquenchable taste for standard and excellence.

Benefits of Using 4x8 corrugated plastic sheets:

1.Outstanding mechanical properties

The 4x8 corrugated plastic sheet is a unique structure having good resilience, high impact resistance, high compressive ability, cushioning shock, very high hardness, good bending performance, and excellent mechanical properties. 

2.Lightweight material

They have a very lightweight owing to the use of plastic hollow board materials that combined two advantageous features of low cost and quality. With this, it is easy to convey 4x8 corrugated plastic sheets from one place to another without much stress. 

3.Thermal and Sound Insulation Effects

A material with significant heat and sound insulation properties will be the very choicest for any roofing sheets for a building since it prevents excessive heat from being conducted to the inside and dampened the sound of hard touching drops of rain. The hollow structure of it makes it lower in these effects than solid plates.

4. 4x8 corrugated plastic can be made into special sheets

This is a very important benefit of using 4x 8 corrugated plastic sheets.

1) Anti-static/ESD materials produce anti-static hollow boards, which are widely used in electronic components, machinery and equipment, etc.
2)Conductive correx sheets can be customized by adding conductive agents to the raw materisl,  the surface resistance of the conductive correx plastic sheet is 10^3-10 ^6 Ω.

2) Flame retardants produce fire-resistant hollow boards, which are widely used in construction, electronics, aviation industries, etc.

3) UV agent makes it corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant, widely used in tree protection, outdoor advertising products, etc.

5.Chemical stability

Plastic Corrugated Sheets can be waterproof, corrosion-free, and resistance to fungal attack. This is another quality that makes it last longer and saves the cost of replacing it by builders or owners of houses as a result of damages from these factors.

6. About coroplast sheet size

All our corrugated plastic sheets can be customized, the standard size is 4' x 8' (48" x 96", 1220mm x 2440mm), the regular sizes are: 12" x18" ,12" x24" ,18" x24" ,24" x24" , 24" x36" , 24" x48"  , 36" x48" , etc. As long as the width of the corrugated plastic sheet does not exceed 2600mm, we can customize it.

PP Corrugated Sheets Applications:

PP coroplast sheets are widely used in packaging, machinery, postal services, food, fruits and vegetables, daily chemicals, home appliances, advertising, decoration, construction, medicine, pesticides and other industries.

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The sleek and light design of the 4x8 corrugated plastic sheet makes them suitable for a wide range of us. And when the best in quality is what you need for any project, you can always bank on Suzhou Huiyuan.

So, without racking your brain about how to go about getting premium corrugated plastic 4x8 sheets down to your construction site, you can always reach us here any time, and we’ll deliver just according to your order.

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