Anti-static Plastic ESD Corrugated Boxes, ESD Storage Bins Anti-static Plastic ESD Corrugated Boxes, ESD Storage Bins

Anti-static/esd pp corrugated plastic box is a kind of coroplast box(also known as correx/corrugated plastic box), which adds anti-static function on the basis of corrugated plastic boxes. The surface resistivity is different. The ESD pp corrugated box is 10^6-10^9Ω; the conductive box is generally 10^3-105Ω! Anti-static boxes and conductive boxes are often used in electronics and high-tech enterprises.

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Product Description


1. Lightweight ( Cost Effective )

2. Optional: antistatic

3. Anti-static index :10^6-10^11Ω.

4. Screen printing & customized options available

5. Economical, reusable & recyclable 

6. Sonic welded / Heatsealing / Double nail bindi (Durability)

7. 100% recyclable / Non toxic / Good toughness / High strength

The anti-static pp corrugated box has an anti-static effect by adding anti-static masterbatch. The main material is pp raw material. The anti-static  coroplast can avoid unnecessary losses caused by static electricity. Such as explosion or fire caused by anti-static, or the degradation or invalidity of electronic equipment due to the release of anti-static.

Specification of esd polypropylene corrugated box: 

1. Material : PP ( polypropylene) + Antistatic masterbatch

2. Size: Customized according to requirements ( Flexible )

3. Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, or customized  

4. Printing: accept

5. Sample: 1-2pcs Free

Application of ESD Corrugated Box: 

1.Electronic Industry

2.Mechanical Industry

3.Electrical Appliances

4.Automobile Industry

5.Packaging Boxes And storage

6.Hardware Industry



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